Here's How to Dress Just Like Your Fave Disney Characters for Prom

Disney enthusiasts, if you're not already familiar with DisneyBound—a blog that brings our favorite Disney characters to life through everyday fashion—you're about to be. 

In light of prom season, we teamed up with the creative mastermind behind the site, Leslie Kay, and asked her to create Disney-inspired prom looks. 

Leslie took inspiration from everything from Belle's stunning yellow gown to Rapunzel's romantic lilac gown and created eight unique and gorgeous outfits just for you. Scroll below to see how you can dress as your fave Disney character for the big dance.

Alice-Inspired Prom Look

Don't be late for this very important date! Pick up this gorgeous blue dress and accessories ahead of time and you'll be right on time for your ball.

Alice in Wonderland prom look

Shop this look: Shoes, $59.95; Clutch, $1,145; Gown, $118.99; Headband, $170; Ring, SOLD OUT; Earrings, $9.99


Belle-Inspired Prom Look

All eyes will be on you if you walk into the big dance sporting this vibrant and stunning yellow dress that puts a modern spin on Belle's look.

Belle prom look

Shop this look: Shoes, $595; Ring, SOLD OUT; Bracelet, $20.40; Purse, $328; Earrings, $38; Gown, $1,918


Briar Rose-Inspired Prom Look

If you're looking for a casual yet chic prom look, this Briar Rose-inspired getup is just what you need. Heck, we'd wear this outfit on any occasion.

Briar Rose prom look

Shop this look: Shoes, $342; Ring, $150; Clutch, $43.80; Headband, N/A; Earrings, $35.87; Skirt, $39.87; Top, SOLD OUT


Cinderella-Inspired Prom Look

If you waltz into the dance wearing this gorgeous number, there's no doubt you will turn some heads. Everything from the blue butterfly-adorned dress to the metallic heels screams, "I'm a princess!"

Cinderella prom look

Shop this look: Shoes, $99.95; Bracelet, $15; Ring, $675; Earrings, $12.97; Clutch, $89; Gown, $95.89


Genie-Inspired Prom Look

Betcha' never though your fave Disney sidekick could give you prom dress inspo! This blue and red dress is the perfect outfit for someone who craves a pop of color.

Genie prom look

Shop this look: Earrings, $28.90; Shoes, $120; Charm, SOLD OUT; Clutch, $185; Cuff, $75; Cardigan, $2,166; Belt, $265; Gown, $99.99


Rapunzel-Inspired Prom Look

Looking for a romantic and flirty look to wear on prom night? This two-piece set with an adorable flower crown headband creates just that. Stunning.

Rapunzel prom look

Shop this look: Skirt, $13.99; Earrings, $105; Shoes, N/A; Clutch, $169.99


Princess Tiana-Inspired Prom Look

Jaws will drop when your prom group sees you in this long, flowy green and tan long gown. Princess Tiana sure does have style.

Princess Tiana prom look

Shop this look: Gown, $255; Ring, $1,236; Shoes, $1,495; Bracelet, $2,510; Earrings, $38


Ursula-Inspired Prom Look

Who knew a Disney villain could have such good taste? This strapless black dress paired with purple pumps is the perfect outfit for dancing the night.

Ursula prom look

Shop this look: Gown, $99.99; Necklace, SOLD OUT; Earrings, $729.15; Shoes, SOLD OUT; Ring, $89; Clutch, $447.50


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