Disney World's BoardWalk Bakery Has a Unicorn Cupcake Almost Too Pretty to Eat

We probably wouldn't want to eat most things that are covered in glitter, pearls, and have a horn, but BoardWalk Bakery's Unicorn Cupcake is an exception.

The popular Disney World bakery recently added the new dessert, and it is one gorgeous little treat.

The Unicorn Cupcake it topped with edible pearls, a swirl of green, blue and purple frosting and a set of glittery of pink Mickey ears with a matching unicorn horn.

We got to see some photos of the new cupcake thanks to the Instagram account brbgoingtodisney, and we're already daydreaming about a trip to Orlando just to eat it. The user described it as a "must try treat" and said that it's a lemon cupcake with raspberry filling, whipped frosting and white chocolate ears. That's a lot of things we like in just one cupcake; it might even be worth the cost of airfare.

BoardWalk Bakery is currently selling the Unicorn Cupcake for $5.99. If you happen to be at Disney World, please go eat one for us.


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