PSA: The New Holiday Popcorn Buckets Have Arrived at Disney World

Even though we yell at our friends for playing Christmas music too early, we can't help but be excited that Disney World has officially entered holiday season.

After decking the halls (or streets) with all of their favorite seasonal decorations, Disney World premiered their new 2018 popcorn buckets—and we must admit, this year's version is pretty darn cute.

Pluto Popcorn Bucket

(via Facebook @WDWKingdom-ForTheDisneyFan)

The new buckets feature our favorite playful pup, Pluto, in a festive red and green sweater. Pluto seems to have quite the mischievous expression on his face, almost like he's planning to break into his Christmas gifts a little early this year. But we can't fault him for it because he is supplying our favorite treat, after all.

Pluto Popcorn Bucket Filled

(via Facebook @ChipandCo.)

The new popcorn buckets are for sale at all the popcorn carts in Hollywood Studios and at the popcorn cart near Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom for $13.50. That may seem a little steep for a salty treat, but the buckets are also refillable inside Hollywood Studios.

So if you're heading to Disney World this holiday season, be sure to keep an eye out for these merry little buckets. Just be sure to keep your new pal away from cats!


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