Disneyland's Pineapple Churros Are a Delicious, Tropical Dream Come True

A dream is a wish your heart makes—and Disneyland makes it come true.

Thanks to some creative culinary minds at the theme park, park visitors in Anaheim, California, have a delicious, new treat awaiting them outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle: a cart selling pineapple churros.

The Disneyland Today Twitter account announced the delectable dessert with a photo on May 26 and teased that it is "so delicious it's as if the tiki gods have bestowed it upon us!"

It certainly looked worthy of the tiki gods. Visitors to the park immediately wanted to share their own experiences with the churros, including Andie, the Disneyland aficionado and blogger behind the Instagram account tangled.in.magic. She captured the dessert in all its photogenic glory, complete with marshmallow dipping sauce. However, the churros weren't necessarily her particular dream.

"We thought it was pretty good…but I'm not a fan of pineapple flavoring," she wrote in part. "It always reminds me of getting my teeth numbed at the dentist."

There were much bigger fans of the pineapple treat. Twitter user Tony Poppins, for example, posted his own photo and included an emoji review. He gave the churros a thumbs-up and the yum face.

Whether or not they're universally loved, they definitely make for a great Disneyland photo.


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