These DIY Food Ornaments Are the Only Decorations That Should Be on Your Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree is arguably one of the best parts about the holidays.

If you're looking to spruce up your tree this year with some new ornaments, you've come to the right place.

From pineapples to tacos, we've rounded up the most delicious looking DIY food ornaments you need to make right now.

French Fries Ornament

Fries before guys is definitely our motto, and you best believe we'll be decorating our tree with these foam fries. Follow the full set of instructions HERE to make them yourself.

DIY French fries ornaments

(via Studio DIY)


Cupcake Ornament

This cupcake will add an extra pinch of sweetness to your Christmas tree. But be warned: Even if you're the ultimate baker, these decorations take a steady hand to get just right. If you think you have what it takes to make these, get your craft on HERE.

DIY cupcake ornament

(via Factory Direct Craft)


Donut Ornament

Donuts make waking up in the mornings easier, so we'll have no problem waking up at the crack of dawn on Christmas to open our presents knowing a donut ornament is hanging on our tree. Get yourself some plaster, puffy paint, twine and head over HERE to get started on these guys.

DIY donut ornament from Studio DIY

(via Studio DIY)


Bacon and Eggs Ornaments

What's more perfect for the holidays than bacon and eggs? Probably a lot of things, but you can't deny this duo would look utterly adorable hanging from your tree branches. Make these felt cuties by following the tutorial HERE.

DIY bacon and eggs ornaments

(via Imagine Gnats)


Fruit Ornaments

Whether you're an apples or oranges type of gal, there's a fruit ornament for you. We'll definitely be making the pineapple one following THESE instructions. Fingers crossed we do our favorite fruit justice!

DIY fruit ornaments

(via My Poppet)


Taco Ornament

They're taco ornaments. How could you not love them?! It only takes 10 minutes for these beauts to come to life, so head over HERE to see what you need to make them.

DIY taco ornaments from Aww Sam

(via Aww Sam)


Hot Chocolate Ornament

After you make THIS ornament, why not whip up an actual cup of hot chocolate to reward yourself for all your hard work? Sounds like an excellent plan to us!

DIY hot chocolate ornament

(via Breakfast 4 Dinner)


Hamburger Ornament

This ornament looks savory enough to eat, but that probably wouldn't be the best idea. Doesn't mean you shouldn't hang it on your tree, though. HERE's how you can make your very own.

DIY hamburger ornament

(via Aww Sam)


Macaron Ornaments

These polymer clay decorations can be made in any color your heart desires. Why not make a rainbow one to really wow your fam this year? Follow THESE helpful instructions to do just that.

DIY macaron ornaments

(via Creative Juice)


Now that the holiday season is here, it's time to start shopping. If you need a little help, HERE are the Etsy shops that have a perfect gift for everyone on your list.