Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List Thanks to These Etsy Shops

Holiday shopping is rough.

Especially when you have appease a long list of people with a variety of interests.

Luckily, we understand your troubles and are taking some of the burden off your shoulders by sharing some Etsy shops with items fit for almost every single person you're shopping for.

Get your shopping cart ready!

Tate Allyse Art

Hand-painted Disney backpack

(via Etsy)

For: The Disney fanatic

What this shop makes: Tate creates the most incredible hand-painted Disney items you've ever seen. From backpacks to shoes, her canvas is unlimited. If the person you're shopping for has a particular Disney character they favor over everyone else, have Tate make a custom piece for them ASAP.


I Like Cats Shop

I Like Cats More Than People pin

(via Etsy)

For: The cat-lover, obviously

What this shop makes: Everything from pins and patches to shirts and keychains, this shop has an abundance of cat-inspired items. Your cat-loving bestie will certainly appreciate at least one of these purrrfect items. They even have a few dog-themed trinkets for any canine-lovers you know.


Read and Wonder

Harry Potter character bookmarks

(via Etsy)

For: The bookworm

What this shop makes: Bookmarks galore! The Harry Potter character collection may be our fave, but they also have Disney princess and The Avengers, as well. Whatever the book-loving person you're shopping for likes, they've got a bookmark for it.


Amazing Crystals

Rose quartz crystal necklace

(via Etsy)

For: The crystal enthusiast

What this shop makes: We all have that one person in our lives who's obsessed with the healing powers of crystals. With the help of this shop, you can get them virtually any type of crystal in literally every form imaginable. Whether you get them a rose quartz necklace or a set of amethyst earrings, they'll be sure to appreciate it.


The Local Mermaid

Blue-green mermaid scale earrings

(via Etsy)

For: The self-proclaimed mermaid

What this shop makes: Starfish hair clips and mermaid scale earrings, oh my! The mermaid in your life will simply adore these sea-themed accessories and keep them close by whenever they're missing their home underwater.


Dynamik Designs

inspirational water bottles

(via Etsy)

For: The sports star

What this shop makes: Any athlete knows they have to drink their water. So why not get them a water bottle that motivates them when times get tough and keeps track of how much water they've been taking in throughout the day? Sounds like a no-brainer, especially with the limitless amount of inspiring water bottles this shop carries.


Game Themed Things

Pikachu Nintendo DS decal

(via Etsy)

For: The ultimate gamer

What this shop makes: With tons of gaming-inspired decals, you're bound to find a sticker that works for the gamer in your life. When in doubt, Pikachu is always a good choice.


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