Redecorate Your Room With These DIY Paper Crafts

Who said you have to spend mass amounts of money to redecorate your room?

The below DIY paper crafts are the perfect way to add a little life to your space without breaking the bank. Scroll through and pick your next project!

1. Better-Than-Paint Chip Mobile

THIS gorgeous paper mobile can be hung above a desk or in the center of the room as a chandelier. Either way, it's the eye-catching décor your room's been missing.

Paper mobile

(via Evie and Sarah)


2. 3D Potted Paper Cactus

Real plants are a total pain to take care of, that's why you need to opt for THESE paper ones instead. They're adorable and you can make them any color your heart desires.

DIY paper cactus

(via Lia Griffith)


3. Paper Accordion Butterflies

THESE accordion butterflies can be hung anywhere to give your space a more whimsical feel.

Paper accordion butterflies

(via DIY Inspired)


4. Geometric Paper Bowls

If your desk is missing that something extra, THESE geometric bowls will solve that problem. They'll make your work area completely Pinterest-worthy.

DIY geometric paper bowls

(via Tatertots & Jello)


5. Metallic Paper Camellia Blooms

The best part about THESE metallic paper flowers is that they can be hung up individually or made into a wreath for extra flair. We'd go for the wreath option if you're a flower child in need of a way to express that to the world.

DIY paper camellia wreath

(via Lia Griffith)


6. Paper Pin Wheels

Pin wheels normally make us think of the fair, but THESE stunning versions would make the perfect aesthetic for any Instagram photo.

DIY paper pin wheels

(via Celebrate Always)


7. Paper Bird Cages

If your parents won't let you have a pet, THIS crafty project is a great alternative. Fortunately, paper birds require no feeding or upkeep.

DIY paper bird cages

(via Creature Comforts)


Add even more life to your room by making THESE epic light saber lamps next.