Himalayan salt lamps are just about everywhere these days. I can’t scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing at least three every day.

There’s much more to these trendy little rocks than meets the eye. Apart from being a gorgeous decoration, Himalayan salt lamps have a notable list of health benefits.

Carved out of the Himalayan Mountains, they’re known to possess negative ions that work to purify the air of dust and pollen. Not only that, these lamps can also help improve your quality of sleep and increase your energy levels.

Intrigued by everything this chunk of salt claims to offer, I decided to purchase my own Himalayan salt lamp and put it to the test. Here’s what happened!

Using the Lamp

I purchased my Himalayan salt lamp from Bed Bath and Beyond. I probably should’ve done more research to uncover which lamp brand was actually the best, but I just went with the cheapest one I could find, because I am that person.

Himalayan salt lamp from Bed Bath and Beyond

After I returned home with my salt lamp in hand, I plugged it into the wall and left it on for 24 hours, as that’s what the instructions told me to do.

For the first 24 hours, I didn’t necessarily notice much of a difference in my space or my well-being. I still had a little bit of trouble going to sleep and I certainly didn’t wake up feeling energized.

Because it had only been a day, I didn’t let that discourage me. For the following couple of days, I was intensely focused on the salt lamp. Every time I was in my room, I just hung out around my lamp. I even brought it with me on a weekend trip to Arizona. I was desperate for it to do something for me. I had a stuffy nose over those days, so I was praying this lamp would clear it up. But it didn’t.

Feeling defeated, I sort of gave up on the lamp. I forgot all about it. I still left it plugged in, but I figured it wasn’t worth giving my attention to anymore.

Well wouldn’t you know the second I forgot all about it, my stuffy nose went away, I felt more energized when I woke up and I had an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep.

Now, I’m utterly obsessed with my lamp, and I look forward to coming home to it every night to bask in its glorious glow.

Himalayan salt lamp on a dresser with the letter A behind it

Overall Thoughts

Though it took a while to work for me, I ended up having a pretty positive experience with the lamp.

It did deliver on all of its promises, though not as quickly as I had expected. Best of all, it just made me feel good.

I think I would’ve benefited from it more had I brought it with me to the office each day and had it plugged into my desk. Looking back, I realize that the reason it didn’t work well in the beginning was because I wasn’t home all that often. Yes, I was around the lamp when I was home, but that would only be for a couple of hours. Plus, I unplugged it when I went to bed every night.

I still didn’t spend as much time as I’d like to around my lamp, but once I started leaving it plugged in when I went to bed, that’s when the magic happened.

Himalayan salt lamp on a windowsill next to crystals

Would I Recommend It?

Definitely! Like I said, once I stopped focusing on it, I noticed that it helped me feel more energized in the mornings.

My stuffy nose went away and my room felt a little bit more peaceful overall. Who would’ve thought that a lamp riddled with negative ions would make me feel so positive?


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