This Dog's Beautiful Friendship With a Baby Is Melting Our Hearts

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and we are feeling especially inspired by this adopted dog's friendship with her family's new baby.

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Nora is an English Pointer who has lived a rather difficult life. She was abused by her previous owners so badly that by the time she was taken to the dog shelter, she was completely afraid of all humans. Eventually the nervous pup was adopted by Elizabeth Spence and taken home to her new Canadian family, but she still struggled to get over her fears.

When Elizabeth gave birth to her son Archie, however, everything changed.

Nora and Archie immediately developed a special bond. In fact, the new baby was the only person who didn't scare Nora. Since Archie was born, the two new additions to the family have been practically inseparable.

Elizabeth's Instagram is filled with images of the two BFFs playing, napping and genuinely enjoying each other's company. It's so sweet our hearts can barely handle it, and if you don't believe us, scroll below for some of our favorites.

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A post shared by Elizabeth Spence (@wellettas) on

Click HERE to learn more about Archie and Nora's beautiful friendship.


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