Dream Big To Prevent Bullying Contest & Cimorelli!

Yesterday, Rocket21 announced the winner of the Dream Big to Prevent Bullying Competition in collaboration with Fight Your Ignorance and Cimorelli!

Cimorelli Dream Big To Prevent Bullying Contest

To enter the competition, kids from the ages of 8 to 17 thought up their own anti-bullying slogans and designed anti-bullying t-shirts to encourage conversation and share ideas about how to end bullying in their communities!

The grand prize winner was 16-year-old Alyssa Striano from New York! For the contest, Alyssa designed 20 t-shirts with different anti-bullying artwork and slogans! Her work really demonstrated how close the cause is to her heart, and how important it is to be kind to one another instead of bullying.

You can watch a video of Alyssa talking about bullying below!

Alyssa won a $500 cash prize for both herself and her school to spend on anti-bullying programs! The school was also given the amazing opportunity to work with Grammy-nominated songwriter Steve Seskin. Together, the school's 10th grade students and Seskin wrote an empowering anti-bullying anthem!

Listen to a clip of the song below!

[jwplayer mediaid="24355″]

This morning, Rocket21 also hosted an Anti-Bullying Summit at the school featuring a performance by our favorite singing sisters, Cimorelli! They even performed the school's brand new anti-bullying song!

zayanne rifai and alyssa striano
Zayanne Rifai and Alyssa Striano (Photo courtesy of Lynne Cimorelli)

During the event, more than a hundred students wore t-shirts featuring Alyssa's design. It's now available on the website of clothing company Fight Your Ignorance, which was formed by 16-year-old Zayanne Rifai.

Zayanne was inspired to create the empowering clothing company Fight Your Ignorance because she was bullied in school. She strongly believes that kids should speak out against bullies, and let them know what they're doing isn't right!

We love that so many students are so passionate about putting an end to bullying, and that Cimorelli is too! To tell us what you do to fight ignorance, join our community at SweetyHigh.com! Also stay tuned for another exclusive interview with the girls coming soon!