This New, Interactive Experience Will Bring the World of DreamWorks Trolls to Life

If you've ever wondered what it's like to live in the happy and colorful world of DreamWorks Trolls, all your questions are about to answered. 

Poppy from Trolls

(Trolls via DreamWorks Animation)

This summer, the trolls are stepping out of the forest and into the streets of N.Y.C. with a new interactive adventure, officially named DreamWorks Trolls the Experience. 

The new location-based adventure is the result of a collaboration between Feld Entertainment Inc. and Universal Brand Development, who are committed to bringing the magic of the Trolls universe to the human world. 

So what exactly can you expect from this new location-based experience? Apparently, a lot. The experience will feature a 90-minute walkthrough adventure filled with interactive exhibits, including tons of Insta-worthy photo ops.

Poppy and Branch from Trolls

(Trolls via DreamWorks Animation)

Visitors can take a stroll through Poppy's Party Room, which will totally engulf you in the musical Trolls universe with augmented reality and 3D technology. You can also walk through the enchanting Hair-We-Go Salon and Barbershop, complete with magical mirrors. And don't forget take a stroll through the vibrant Troll Village.

The adventure is designed to engage all your senses, transporting you into the Trolls world with lively music, glittery designs and the chance to interact with all your favorite characters. And if you're worried that you won't be able to capture every moment, the experience also allows visitors to create a scrapbook at the end of their visit filled with a collection of photos from the tour.

Trolls Characters

(Trolls via DreamWorks Animation)

Tickets go on sale in July, but if The Big Apple is a little too far away or you can't seem to snag a ticket, have no fear—the experience is expected to tour other cities across the U.S. after its N.Y.C. premiere.


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