Everything You Should Know About TikTok Star Duncan Joseph

Few TikTok creators can make us laugh out loud as consistently as Duncan Joseph.

Best known for his hilarious skits that poke fun at the silliness of reality TV and bad infomercials, he has a keenly sharp sense of humor that never fails to delight. And the fact that he has 3.4 million followers—and counting!—on TikTok shows us we're not alone.

But who is the man behind the videos? Duncan gave us the opportunity to ask away and dig deep with him, and here's everything he revealed to us.

Duncan Joseph Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Mark Hanson)

Name: Duncan Angiuli

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Birthday: November 7th

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts:

1. Ice cream sandwiches are Duncan's favorite dessert in the world.

"I have literally been addicted to them, and because there are so many flavors my addiction just intensifies. They have become an essential part of me."

-Duncan Joseph

2. The last thing he binge-watched was American Horror Story.

"It was such an adrenaline rush. I watched it because everyone kept talking about it and I have always had a fascination with the horror genre, and I loved the guest actors. I still need to watch like five more seasons though."

-Duncan Joseph

3. He cracks up the most when he's least expecting it.

"Something that makes me laugh harder than anything else is the unexpected, like things that come out of nowhere, especially the cutoff memes that come out of nowhere. I couldn't tell you why, but they literally make my asthma flare up. It's hilarious."

-Duncan Joseph

4. He likes to order red onions, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and basil on his pizza.

"I can't have pepperoni because I am literally allergic to pork and beef, but it's okay—I have learned to be a vegetarian when it comes to pizzas."

-Duncan Joseph

5. Interstellar never fails to make him cry.

"I just get so sucked in and I don't even think about what is happening, and eventually there are just tears on my face. It's funny because it isn't even a sad movie."

-Duncan Joseph

6. The last song he had stuck in his head was Billie Eilish's "Therefore I Am."

"It's been playing on replay. I just hear it everywhere and it will not escape my head."

-Duncan Joseph

7. He's avoiding one style in particular at the moment.

"We are steering clear from slim and skinny pants, because it makes so much sense not to wear that, and I look back at old photos and cringe. I am terrified of slim jeans so straight pants make me happy."

-Duncan Joseph

8. In school, he's usually best at business and marketing.

"It's only because my dad owns a few businesses, so I just think, 'What he would do?' My worst subject has to be English because I have no motivation to do it. I have never actually tried in English class."

-Duncan Joseph

9. If he could travel anywhere in the world for a week, he'd pick Japan.

"I binged YouTube videos for hours learning all about the city and countrysides of it, and it just is so different from where I am from. I would love to just go on the trains and eat lots of authentic food."

-Duncan Joseph

10. Duncan just wants people to enjoy themselves.

"Something that is core to me is fearlessness to entertain and be myself around large groups of people, as I am the literal definition of an extrovert. I am so thankful that I have no social anxiety, because when I would do musical theater or debate, standing in front of larger groups of people gave me more energy. I have so much fun when I am able to entertain."

-Duncan Joseph


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