12 Times Dylan Dauzat Made Us Smile

Dylan Dauzat is one of Vine's exclusive million follower club, and if you've ever watched his videos, it's pretty obvious why. Dylan never fails to make us smile, and here of a few of the things he does that are guaranteed to make you smile, too.

1. Just watch this video and watch Dylan give flowers to these sweet elderly people and try to tell us you didn't smile.

2. When he goes on Insta "like" sprees.

3. When he posts the sweetest pics ever with the fam.

4. Each and every time he releases new music.

5. When he encourages and supports his fans, whatever they're going through.

6. When he says something like this and our hearts explode.

7. When he shows off his sensitive side.

8. When Dylan and his little sister are literal sibling goals.

9. Every time he reveals that his priorities are our same priorities.

10. When every story he tells is your weekly inspiration.

11. Whenever he says what we're all thinking.

12. His southern accent.

13. And of course, every time he brings us from worst day ever to smiling like an idiot in 6 seconds or less, which is EVERY time.

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