Dylan O'Brien Would Basically Be the Perfect Han Solo

The fans have spoken, and they really, really want Dylan O'Brien to play a young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars prequel directed by the guys who made The Lego Movie. We're going to go on record saying we totally agree with the choice. Here's why.

Dylan has proven his action chops time and time again. Just watch this trailer and try to tell us he isn't Star Wars material!

He's got mad piloting skills, even without a vehicle around. He could easily upgrade from driving a paper plate to the Millennium Falcon.

dylan o'brien piloting a paper plate millenium falcoln han solo

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Hanging out with Chewbacca on set wouldn't be too much of a stretch, since he has a lot of experience sharing the screen with hairy dudes on Teen Wolf.

dylan o'brien hangs out with tyler posey a werewolf on set of teen wolf han solo

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He can rock a vest like the best of them.

dylan o'brien in a red vest han solo

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His time navigating The Scorch in the new Maze Runner movie has totally prepped him for the blazing heat of Tatooine's two suns.

the scorch trials dylan o'brien desert tatooine han solo meeting

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Plus, we've been supporters of Dylan since the very beginning of his career.

It would be far from the first time he's played a charming and charismatic loner onscreen.

han solo dylan o'brien sarcasm is my only defense

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Last but not least, Dylan himself is totally on board.

"It's so cool because that'll be the dream… That's a dream role for a kid my age."

Would you love to see Dylan in the role? Maybe you have somebody else in mind? Share with us in the comments!