Early Signs Your Relationship Isn't Meant to Be

If you're in a relationship that's destined to fail, isn't it better to know sooner rather than later?

We certainly think so. The earlier you can spot the signs of incompatibility, the less time you'll invest in someone who just can't give you what you need.

While it might be difficult to cast a critical eye on a new romance, there are a few early signs that your relationship just isn't meant to be. Keep scrolling to see what you should be looking out for.

You Feel Uneasy or Awkward

While nerves are normal at the beginning of a relationship, the best romances are characterized by an easy comfortability between two people. You just seem to get each other, which makes your time together effortless and uncomplicated. If you feel awkward and tense at the beginning of the relationship, it might be a sign that something's missing between you and your partner. Not only will it make it harder to consistently be on the same page, it also indicates that your communication skills as a pair are probably lacking.

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You Struggle to Be Honest

Semi-related to feeling uneasy or nervous, a partner who you struggle to be honest with probably isn't the one for you. And we're not even referring to telling them the truth about big things in your life. Maybe you can't stand their texting habits, but you don't feel comfortable asking for them to be more responsive. Perhaps you're tired of having movie nights every week and want to go out on a real date, but you're scared you'll come across as pushy if you tell them how you really feel. Being honest about the little things is just as important as being honest about the big things. If you feel uneasy asking for what you need from your partner, your relationship is probably missing some essential connections that would allow it to last a long time.


You Focus on Their Flaws

At the beginning of a relationship, most people are looking at their partner through a pair of rose-colored glasses. That's why the end of the honeymoon stage can be so devastating—because time has finally revealed the less-than-appealing habits of the person you care about so much. But if you're at the very beginning of your relationship and you can't help but focus on your partner's flaws, it probably isn't meant to be.

If you're already noticing plenty of habits that annoy you, you can bet that those little quirks will only get more irritating with time. In addition, focusing on their flaws instead of their good traits can be an indication that you're just not all that into them, or that the bad parts of your relationship already outweigh the good. Either way, the start of your relationship shouldn't involve justifying their every imperfection—it's a clear indication that something between the two of you just isn't right.

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You Argue Constantly

Every relationship is going to have its fair share of arguments. While it's not fun to disagree with someone you care about, at least you're being honest with each other. However, if you've barely begun your romance and you're already arguing all the time… well, you should probably know it's not a good sign. Not only is it stressful and emotionally taxing, constant arguments at any point in the relationship are a good indication that you're just not compatible. If you can't go more than a couple days without having a big fight, you should probably accept that the relationship isn't going to last very long.


Your Interests, Hobbies and Activities Merge

On the other end of arguing constantly or feeling uncomfortable around your partner, it can also be an issue if you're suddenly too close to one another. If your partner starts adopting all your hobbies, spending all their free time with you and essentially ignoring everything else in their life in favor of your relationship, it's not a good sign. Instead of maintaining independent lives and interests, they're creating a situation where you're their only source of happiness, which just isn't sustainable. It may feel romantic at the start to have a partner who craves so much time with you, but that level of co-dependence will never build a lasting relationship.


They Don't Remember the Little Things

We hear it time and time again about relationships—"it's the little things that count." As overused and cliché as it seems, it really is true. Relationships aren't built on grand gestures, they're built on the day-to-day interactions that prove someone cares about you. If your partner can never seem to remember the smaller details of your life—like your daily interactions with friends, your food preferences or even your favorite color—they're probably not the one for you. Not only is it annoying to constantly refresh their memory, it also suggests a certain level of disinterest in your life. Without the little things, you have no relationship, so don't be afraid to walk away from a partner who just doesn't seem to care.


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