You're Sure to Have a Hoppy Easter Rocking One of These Nail Art Designs

Easter is just days away, so we hope you've decorated your eggs and told the Easter Bunny what you want in your basket this year.

If you've crossed those off your to-do lists, then you have time to treat yourself to a manicure for a job well done.

Because it's Easter time, it only makes sense that you'd get a holiday-inspired mani. Keep scrolling for some inspo!

Hatching Chicks Nail Art

These sweet little guys would look so cute on your nails, don't ya think? Plus, sporting a lively color like yellow is sure to bring the positive vibes your way.


Peeps Nail Art

What is Easter without Peeps?


Pusheen Easter Bunny Nail Art

Though Pusheen has nothing to do with the holiday, he does look extra cute and cuddly sporting those Easter Bunny ears.

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Easter Bunny and Carrots Nail Art

These nails are definitely a unique take on the typical Easter Bunny-inspired nail art.

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Easter Basket Nail Art

Everyone deserves a basket on Easter, even your nails.


Springtime Nail Art

Vibrant and fun, this nail art is sure to bring you a ton of compliments.


Silver-Stamped Easter Egg Nail Art

If you're not super into color, this design is right up your alley.


Cadbury Egg Nail Art

We can't possibly think of a better way to show our appreciation for this creamy treat.


Chocolate Bunny Nail Art

An Easter staple, chocolate bunnies are another sweet we can't get enough of. Though we'll devour ours within seconds, they'll live forever on our nails with this art.

Colorful Easter Eggs Nail Art

A classic design for the day ahead.


Easter Scene Nail Art

We imagine this is exactly what it looks like when the Easter Bunny leaves eggs at our house.


You may have figured how how you want to paint your nails for the holiday, but do you know how you're going to decorate your Easter eggs? If not, don't stress. HERE is all the inspo you need.