Ella and Mia Allan Dish on Playing Lola and Lana in A Loud House Christmas

As huge fans of Nickelodeon'The Loud House, we couldn't be more excited to hear that the animated series would finally be getting a live-action adaptation in the form of A Loud House Christmas, and today, Nov. 26, it's finally here.

We couldn't think of a duo better for bringing twins Lola and Lana Loud to life than the Allan Twins, Ella and Mia Allan. These identical twin sisters are seriously talented, and we got the chance to chat with them both about what the new roles mean to them, and why you should definitely tune in today on Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

Sweety High: Have you always been fans of The Loud House? What were your first reactions when you were cast in the live-action The Loud House movie?

The Allan Twins: Ever since we saw The Loud House, we became fans. There are not many shows out there that have twins and we each identified with parts of their characters. Our fandom grew when we found out our really good friend Izabella Alvarez had booked the voice-over role of Ronnie Anne on The Loud House spinoff, The Casagrandes.

When we found out we booked the role on the live-action version of The Loud House our reaction was relieved. We actually kind of got pranked by my family. They told us that the producers really liked us and they knew we really worked hard but they were sorry—we both got emotional, tears welling up with disappointment. They continued to say, "We're so sorry—that you have to pack all of your stuff, because we are going to film in Atlanta!" Instantly those tears held back from premature disappointment came rushing down with excitement!

We found out we were cast in The Loud House at the beginning of April. We actually think it was April Fool's Day!


SH: How similar are you two to Lana and Lola? When it came to casting, how was it decided who would play who?

The Allan Twins: Ella (Lola) and Mia (Lana) are quite like our characters, but obviously, not as extreme. Let's just say if the characters were switched, it wouldn't really work the other way. Well, it would take a lot more acting!

Ella Allan Lola Loud A Loud House Christmas

(Photo credit: Erik Umphery/Nickelodeon)

Funny enough, when it came to casting, that's how we received the script to audition for who we ended up playing. A lot of times we will audition either for both roles or mainly pick one we connect with. Knowing these characters from the cartoon we both immediately took ownership of our characters.

Mia Allan Lana Loud a Loud House Christmas

(Photo credit: Erik Umphery/Nickelodeon)


SH: Are there any ways that the two of you are total opposites in real life?

The Allan Twins: We definitely have a lot of similarities. However, we think Mia is an extrovert and is always pranking everyone. Ella is more of an introvert and is very sentimental.


SH: What was your favorite memory from the filming of the movie?

The Allan Twins: We all had to guess what present best represented a character and who it was that got it for them.


SH: What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?

The Allan Twins: The Christmas season is just special. We love watching all the classic Christmas movies. Soon, The Loud House Christmas will be added to that! We really love having the family get together, walking through the neighborhoods with Christmas lights, eating all the Christmas junk food and naturally giving and getting presents.

A VERY LOUD HOUSE CHRISTMAS MOVIE UNIT: Pictured: Cast members which may include Lori Loud (LEXI DiBENEDETTO), Luan Loud (CATHERINE BRADLEY), Lynn Loud Sr. (BRIAN STEPANEK), Clyde McBride (JAHZIR BRUNO), Lucy Loud (AUBIN BRADLEY), Lynn Loud (MORGAN MCGILL), Lincoln Loud (WOLFGANG SCHAEFFER), Lola Loud (ELLA SOPHIA ALLAN), Lana Loud (MIA ISABELLA ALLAN), Lily Loud (CHARLOTTE ANN TUCKER), Leni Loud (DORA DOLPHIN), Luna Loud (SOPHIA WOODWARD), Lisa Loud (LEXI JANICEK), Rita Loud (MURETTA MOSS) in A VERY LOUD HOUSE CHRISTMAS MOVIE on Nickelodeon. Photo: TOM GRISCOM/Nickelodeon. © 2021 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(Photo credit: Erik Umphery/Nickelodeon)


SH: What part of the film are you most excited to share with fans?

The Allan Twins: There are a lot of laughs and a lot of tender moments. We are most excited for the fans to see all the characters from the cartoon come to life.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

The Allan Twins: Thank you so much for having us! Make sure you tune in on Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. It will also stream on Paramount+ the same day.


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