Meet EMILIE HEATHE, the Clean Beauty Brand That Should Be On Your Radar

Do you pay attention to the ingredients in your beauty products?

If your answer is no, we strongly urge you to start looking. Stop putting potentially harmful in and on your body, and instead, focus on clean beauty. When we heard about EMILIE HEATHE, a clean beauty brand that specializes in nail polish, we simply had to get to know more. We sat down with founder, Emily H. Rudman, and asked her all about her brand and the importance of clean beauty. Keep scrolling for the full interview!

emily hudman of emilie heathe

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Sweety High: Tell us a bit about your brand!

Emily H. Rudman: EMILIE HEATHE is a clean beauty brand at the intersection of clean, effective and diverse.


SH: What does a typical customer look like?

EHR: A majority of our customers are female but we have a growing male fanbase. Our customers are mostly in the age range of 18 to 45.


SH: How has your brand embraced clean beauty?

EHR: Everyone has their own definitions of clean. Clean to me means good, top quality, only necessary ingredients. A combination of naturally derived, natural and safe synthetics for the best performance and overall experience possible. We are also seeing a lot of buzz around blue beauty—which is making products that are not only clean but also low-impact on the planet.


SH: Why is clean beauty so important to you?

EHR: I think it's a must. I think we can all do and should do better. And we can make cleaner, safer, less wasteful products. If we can, then we should—or at least try and do our best. I have a lot of allergies and sensitivities and can't use some of my favorite products because I have allergic reactions to them.


SH: What ingredients do you stay away from?

EHR: A lot. We determine our blacklist (banned ingredients) and watchlist (ingredients we are wary of but don't have enough information on yet or enough studies yet on a case to case basis.) We have a banned list of hundreds of ingredients but it all comes down to safety—what is actually safe to use on what part of your body.


SH: What are your favorite and best-selling products?

EHR: Our The Perfect Red ($28) is our top selling nail polish shade. It's the perfect neutral red shade. We can't find another like it on the market. Trust us! We've tried. And our Lip R&R Exfoliating Lip Balm ($42) is a cult favorite!


SH: What are your price points?

EHR: $28 to 42


SH: What products should every teen girl have?

EHR: A good face wash and a great body lotion. Also sunscreen! And safe beauty and skincare products like EMILIE HEATHE!


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