Emma Chamberlain Spills the Tea on Her Partnership With Gopuff, Fall Trends and Chamberlain Coffee

Emma Chamberlain is the ultimate cool girl.

She has a DGAF attitude, has the best style and is one of the funniest people we watch on YouTube. Emma is also an entrepreneur, and her brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is incredible. If you haven't tried the coffee for yourself, it's a must, and with Emma's recent collaboration with Gopuff, it's easier than ever to get your hands on some. We had the pleasure to chat with Emma all about her partnership with Gopuff, her favorite fall trends and more.

Sweety High: Tell us about your partnership with Gopuff!

Emma Chamberlain: I'm beyond excited to partner with Gopuff because the site will allow people to try Chamberlain Coffee in a faster and more efficient way. I knew this partnership was a perfect fit based on Gopuff's unique business model, instant delivery structure and desire to make daily life easy for customers. After placing an order, customers will receive Chamberlain Coffee in a matter of minutes, which is incredible! It's a really cool feeling to have the opportunity to instantly share Chamberlain Coffee products that I love with Gopuff's platform.

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SH: Have you always been a coffee drinker?

EC: Always! I've been drinking coffee since middle school. It's always been comforting to me. My first coffee memory dates back to around 2006, when my dad and I would go to a cafe every Sunday morning for scones and coffee (the scone was for me, and the coffee was for my dad, to be clear).


SH: What sets Chamberlain Coffee apart from other brands?

EC: Our goal was to be a light-hearted, approachable coffee brand. We wanted to use bright colors and playful illustrations to make it a product that lightens your mood. A lot of coffee brands are very minimalistic and serious, and as much as I appreciate that vision as well, Chamberlain Coffee wanted to be the exact opposite of that.


SH: Do you like the steeped bags or coffee grounds better?

EC: I truly love both equally. When I'm traveling or on the go, I'm definitely going to reach for a steeped bag. When I have the time to participate in my more complex coffee routine, I love using grounds. My favorite really depends on my mood!


SH: Other than drinking coffee, what else are you looking forward to this fall?

EC: I really appreciate colder weather after the summer months are over, but my favorite part about the colder weather would have to be the clothes. The crisp weather that comes with the fall season allows for a whole new list of wearable pieces and the opportunity to layer.


SH: What are the top three fall trends you're excited about?

EC: Lots of chunky boots, huge sweaters and long (but comfy) dresses and skirts.


SH: Any hint for what you're going to dress up as for Halloween?

EC: I have absolutely no idea, and I probably won't know until the day before.


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