How to Enjoy Your Senioritis Without the Guilt

Senioritis can happen to the best of us.

One semester, you're on top of all of your classes and acing all your tests. The next, you can barely summon the energy to take notes in class. If you're feeling concerned about the sudden drop in motivation, here are some of the reasons you should actually enjoy it.

Know That You're Not Alone

Just because senioritis isn't universal doesn't mean it isn't extremely common, particularly during your final semester of high school. You might struggle to concentrate in class, feeling unmotivated and uncharacteristically apathetic about your grades. If class suddenly bores you and you find yourself doing just enough to get by, remember that you (and the other seniors in your class) are in exactly the right position to put in only as much effort needed to keep up your grades.


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Don't Stress Over Choices You've Already Made

Even if you're unsure of the exact details of your path in life, chances are that you already do have certain things figured out. Senioritis is especially likely to set in with those who've received their college acceptance letters and selected where they'll be headed for the next four years, because it feels like you've already reached your goal. If you're not college-bound, that might mean you've decided to head straight into the workforce, or that you're giving yourself a gap year to figure things out. Either way, that decision is already out of the way.


Remember That Your GPA Only Matters to Colleges

We've all heard scary stories about having college acceptance letters rescinded for a final semester of terrible grades, but unless your grades start slipping across the board, you shouldn't worry about this too much. You'll just want to keep your grades up enough to keep the admissions office happy. Beyond that, your GPA matters less than it ever has. No one is ever going to ask for your high school grades ever again, so don't stress it too much.


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Understand That You Probably Deserve the Break

If you've been maintaining good grades, participating in extracurriculars and going above and beyond in school for the past four years, there's a good chance that you're feeling pretty burnt out in your senior year. Your body might be telling you it's reached a limit, and it might be time to listen to it. Maybe you've gotten the majority of your required credits out of the way, and now you'll have the chance to take it easy in your final year. If you can, take fewer classes and sleep in a little. This might be the best chance to take a breather before that next big step in life. And even if you've been coasting all along, striving for one final semester of perfect grades is unlikely to suddenly make you an ideal collegiate candidate.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your high school career has probably taught you that certain study tricks and methods work better for you than others. Rather than pushing yourself to your limits, do what you can to keep up, but also allow yourself time to decompress. Work on what's in front of you so you don't get too overwhelmed with what's next. Remember that sometimes extra sleep is more valuable than cramming for a tough test. Eating and resting well so you feel like a human being again will often result in better scores than showing up like a well-studied zombie.


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Sort Out Your Priorities

If you're a high-achiever who's been overextending yourself for your whole high school career, it's no wonder that you're over it. Maybe you've taken part in too many advanced classes, clubs and extracurriculars to pad your resume, rather than because they actually matter to you. After going through the motions for so long, senior year is the perfect time to re-prioritize.

Now that you've gotten the must-have required classes out of the way, focus on what you really want. If you're taking only the classes you're interested in and are excited about your electives, then you might actually enjoy class from time to time. Enjoy high school while it lasts, and you don't have to feel too guilty about procrastinating or slacking off.


Go After Anything That Inspires You

Just because you're suddenly completely unmotivated by studying and academics doesn't mean your passion has gone away entirely. If you're dedicating less time to those things, now is the perfect time to engage with whatever truly inspires you. Try new things and see if something sticks. Attend prom and other experiences only seniors are allowed to enjoy. Perhaps the change of pace, and true enthusiasm coming from within yourself, can change your entire attitude.


Let Your Lethargy Tell You Something

If you're a little anxious about your newfound lack of urgency, try exploring your feelings instead of simply worrying about them. Let your daydreams run wild and see what they tell you. Sometimes, stress about the future can make it harder to focus on the now. It can be tough to say goodbye to friends and think about leaving them. Other times, it's excitement about the opportunities the future may hold. Think deeply about what you're experiencing and talk it through with someone or write everything down, and you might be able to better understand yourself. A point of clarity may even help to bring your motivation back.


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