Is Esmeralda One of Your Fave Disney Heroines? You Need These Items

While Disney princesses reign supreme, we believe Esmeralda is one of the greatest Disney heroines of all time.

She's smart, brave, fair, resourceful, sassy, kind-hearted and free-spirited. How could you not love someone whose main goal is to bring justice to the oppressed?

For those of you who share our sentiments about the gypsy, we rounded up 10 Esmeralda-inspired items you need in your life now. Keep scrolling to check 'em out!

Esmeralda playing the tambourine in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

(The Hunchback of Notre Dame via Walt Disney Pictures)

Esmeralda-Inspired Earrings: $9.93

You know Esmeralda would have her very own pair of these.

Esmeralda-inspired earrings from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda Ribbon Necklace: $8

A necklace to pair with everything you wear.

Esmeralda ribbon necklace from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda-Inspired Skater Dress: $55

When in doubt, dress like a gypsy.

Esmeralda-inspired skater dress from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda Patch: $3.68

The sass is too real.

Esmeralda patch from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda Print: $35

You know your room would look so much better with this stunning piece of art hanging from the walls.

Esmeralda print from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda Keychain Wallet: $20

Did we mention this is hand-painted? Talk about skills.

Esmeralda keychain wallet from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda-Inspired Hair Bow: $10

This is the next best thing to sporting Esmeralda's signature pink ribbon in your hair.

Esmeralda-inspired hair bow from Etsy

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Esmeralda-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $25

Esmeralda would be so proud to see you sport these on your next trip to Disneyland.

Esmeralda-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

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Esmeralda Keychain: $13.67

She's never looked cuter!

Esmeralda keychain from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Esmeralda-Inspired Bracelet: $23

A gypsy never leaves home without a stack of bracelets adorning her wrists.

Esmeralda-inspired bracelets from Etsy

(via Etsy)


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