The Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands We're Loving This Earth Day

If you're mindful of your impact on the earth, supporting ethical and sustainable fashion brands is a great way to show solidarity and make a difference.

With Earth Day this week, taking care of the environment is top of mind for many of us, and we're glad that so many fabulous labels are doing their part to benefit the planet—not just on Earth Day, but 365 days a year. Keep scrolling to discover the stylish and sustainable brands we can't get enough of in 2022.


Pact specializes in organic cotton clothing that's made with absolutely no toxic chemicals and that uses 81% less water than traditional cotton while creating some of the highest quality garments around. The cotton is grown sustainably and then transformed into clothing at Fair Trade Certified factories that empower their workers, and they even give customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their shipments. The result is cute, comfy pieces that you'll want to wear all the time—and you'll feel good about it while doing so.

Pact ribbed bra top and shorts

(via Pact)


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Oliver Logan

Oliver Logan specializes in ethical denim, and thanks to their partnership with Green Story, we can measure their environmental impact scientifically. For example, a single pair of their jeans avoids about 1.2 miles of driving emissions, saves 281.6 days of drinking water, diverts 0.1 pounds of waste and saves about 467.8 hours of bulb energy. Even more, their jeans are ultra-comfortable, with that worn-in feel right when you get them, and available in washes and looks to suit any style.

Oliver Logran crosby relaxed taper jeans

(via Oliver Logan)



Even if Knickey was just a brand that offers super-soft organic cotton bralettes and panties, we'd be obsessed—but it turns out that they do so much more. Knickey has a recycling system that allows you to get rid of old and unwanted underwear, bras, socks and tights that would otherwise wind up in a landfill, and uses them as materials for things like insulation and carpet padding, instead. In return, you'll be rewarded with a free pair of cotton Knickey undies, and we promise you are going to be obsessed.

Knickey intimates- bra and panties

(via Knickey)



Cariloha is a brand that specializes in bamboo fabrics, and while they're well-known for their bedding and bath products, they also make fantastic sustainable apparel. Bamboo isn't just a great fabric because it's breathable and silky—it's also incredible for the environment thanks to saving soil and not requiring any fertilizer or pesticide to grow, reducing ocean pollution. It also cleans the atmosphere, grows organically and renews itself without replanting. It's a pretty remarkable plant—and Cariloha has recently been able to become a carbon-neutral company because of it.

Cariloha sweater top and pants

(via Cariloha)


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Need a new pair of eco-friendly sneakers? AVRE makes theirs with a unique manufacturing process that repurposes plastic bottles into their signature materials. The resulting material is moisture-wicking as well as flexible, making it the perfect base for a comfy yet free shoe. The brand also utilizes knit-to-shape tech that reduces waste by eliminating any scraps—and we think they look pretty stylish, too.

Avre recycled material shoes

(via AVRE)



NAKED CASHMERE claims to offer the most environmentally conscious cashmere in the world. Their goats are raised on organic farms under animal welfare-trained herders, and their manufacturer is certified 100% organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard. And while other cashmere brands can't guarantee the use of 100% pure cashmere, NAKED CASHMERE can thanks to their detailed record-keeping, tracing every fiber to the final garment. Not only is each and every piece gorgeous, but you can rest assured knowing that the brand has the earth in mind at every juncture.

naked cashmere april luxury collection



Grey State Apparel

Fast fashion, made with poor materials and under poor working conditions, is horrible for the environment as well as the workers who create it, and Grey State Apparel sets out to be precisely the opposite. Every piece in their collection is designed to be seasonless and live outside of constantly changing trends, with neutral, fluid and comfy pieces you'll be able to wear forever and always, in all kinds of environments. Their garments are high-quality and made so that they earn a forever home in your wardrobe, while their factory is solar-powered and supports its workers with initiatives including Better Work Bangladesh, International Finance Corporation, HERproject, Gender Equality and Returns, Mothers@Work and the Menstruation Project.

Grey Slate Apprel sweater and pants

(via Grey State Apparel)


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Londre's fashionable swimwear doesn't just look great—it's also made from recycled materials. To date, the brand has removed more than 750,000 plastic bottles from the beaches and the streets to create their apparel, and at least six recycled bottles go into each and every swimsuit they produce. Since their process is free of harmful chemicals, they can also reuse all water used in production. They even have a recycling program to reuse the bathing suit materials after their long lifetime and will compensate customers who need any suit repairs within the first year of purchase.

Londre Swimwear the bond crop top

(via Londre)


Duette NYC

Duette NYC focuses on sustainability by not just using core fabrics from recycled and sustainable sources, but also by focusing on long-lasting pieces with a high "return on wear." They aim to create pieces you'll wear multiple times a week thanks to being able to match with anything, that last for years and years and that are easy to care for without fading over time. Put these all together, and you get the items that will stick with you for ages, making them worth every penny.

duette nyc black top pants outfit

(via Duette NYC)


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