We don’t know about you, but every time we walk into a Sephora, we’re instantly left with huge smiles on our faces.

There’s just something about beauty that gets us so excited, and that’s exactly how the Sephora Squad members feel. We got the chance to hang out with the new squad of 2022 and thought you might be curious to learn more. So, what exactly is a Sephora Squad member, you ask? Continue below for everything you need to know about the 2022 Sephora Squad.

What Is a Sephora Squad Member?

A Sephora Squad member is contractually aligned with Sephora and supports campaigns, initiatives, launches, content creation, social trends and more. Members get access to workshops, masterclasses, brand access and fun events. And of course, they get to try out tons of makeup and skincare products!

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What Is the Point of Joining the Sephora Squad?

Joining the Sephora Squad is perfect for those who are looking to get into the beauty space. Whether they’re an MUA, love skincare or like to try out fun looks on themselves, becoming a Sephora Squad member is a great way to take their career to the next level.


How Many Members Are There?



Do They Get Paid?

Yes! They are locked into a year-long paid contract with Sephora.


What Are the Main Perks?

Sephora Squad members get access to tons of free products, mentors, masterclasses, workshops, influencer events and much more.


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What Kind of Masterclasses and Workshops Do Members Get to Take?

Upcoming masterclasses include ones with JLo and Dr. Dennis Gross! Here, the members will learn all about JLo Beauty as well as Dr. Dennis Gross’s skincare brand. Members also get access to tons of workshops pertaining to things like social growth, how to engage with audiences and brand development.


What Are the Member Stats?

Out of the 70 Sephora Squad members in 2022, 86% are female, 11% are male and 3% are non-binary. BIPOC members make up 78%.

Total, each Sephora Squad member’s follower count on IG adds up to 5,324,268, TikTok is 14,411,709 and YouTube is 4,021,355. And at the end of the year, those numbers are likely to be drastically higher. Last year’s Sephora Squad’s follower numbers went up 32% across social!


How Many People Initially Applied?

A whopping 9,096 people applied to be in 2022’s Sephora Squad. Compared to the year prior, that was a 40% increase in applications!


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Who Is In the 2022 Sephora Squad?

Click HERE to get a look at the full list of everyone in the Sephora Squad!

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