Five Kids Who Dominate the World of Extreme Sports

What are the requirements to be an athlete in an extreme sport you ask?

Let's see—speed, endurance, courage, thick skin, talent, loads of hard work and a definite love of adrenaline. Pretty intense demands, but nothing that the following five young thrill-seekers can't handle!

Scroll below to see just what these kids, all under the age of 16, can do.

Meet Sky Brown

Extreme sport: Surfing and skating

Age: 8

Why she dominates: This Japan native is a total skating and surfing prodigy. She's been skateboarding since she was three and surfing since she was four, and from the looks of it she can catch waves and hit the concrete harder than most grown men and women. Let's not forget to mention that this year she competed at the Vans US Open Pro Series, becoming the youngest skater to compete against adults at a Vans' pro-competition.

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Learn more about her and watch her rip here:


Meet Ocean Brown (Sky's brother!)

Extreme sport: Skating and surfing

Age: 4

Why he dominates: At only four, Sky is shredding like a professional in water and on land. He's pint-sized, adorable and can keep up with his big sis on the half pipe and in the ocean without a problem.

Watch Ocean and his sister cruise on land and in the sea here: 


Meet Ashima Shiraishi

Extreme sport: Rock climbing

Age: 14

Why she dominates: Ashima, who started climbing when she was only six years old, is one of the strongest young climbers (male or female) of all time, nbd. This year, she became the first and youngest female to compete in an 8C boulder problem at Mount Hiei in Japan. That takes some crazy strength.

Watch her in action below:


Meet Wesley Mursean

Extreme sport: Snowboarding

Age: 9

Why he dominates: This Midwestern boy has been ripping up the snow since age three. In 2015, he took third place in Slopestyle at the Big Nut Open, and for the second year in a row he received the "Pint Size Ripper" Award for Best Grom at the Transworld TransAM.

Watch him shred here: 


Meet Robbie Griffith

Extreme sport: Parkour

Age: 15

Why he dominates: Parkour, the act of using only your body and surrounding environment to move from one point to another, is no easy task. This Scottish boy has some mesmerizing moves, and is now training with Parkour Generations, a London based organization.

Watch him flip and fly below:


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