This 12-Year-Old Girl Taught Herself How To Dance Like A Pro Using YouTube

It's true that we probably all spend WAY too many hours on YouTube. But, until now, we've probably never considered how we can use YouTube to learn, grow, and ultimately accomplish our ~wildest~ dreams. 12-year-old Adilyn Malcom, AKA "Audacious Adi," saw YouTube as a resource to help her evolve into a fierce dubstep dancer. Just wait until you see just how AMAZING ? of a dancer she has become without EVER taking a dance class.

Adilyn Malcom Dancing To Dubstep

(via YouTube)


Adilyn explained in a recent interview with Fusion that her interest in Dubstep began while writing a report about Michael Jackson. She started searching on YouTube things like, "How to dubstep" and "How to pop and lock," and before she knew it, she was teaching herself!

But how did she master the moves?! Practice!

Adilyn Malcolm Dubstep Dancing



Adilyn would stop, rewind, and re-watch the videos over and over and over again until she mastered the moves! She's literal proof that we can do anything we want if we just try…even this dance move!

Adilyn Dubstep Gif

(via Fusion)


Or this one!

Adilyn Dubstep Gif 2

(via Fusion)


Adilyn is SO right when she says that you can do anything if you really have a passion for it. You'll have to watch the rest of her video if you want to continue to be mesmerized by her crazy good moves.



We know you're insanely impressed with Adilyn's skills, but we bet you haven't seen ALL of the young talent that YouTube has to offer. See some of our other favorite dancers HERE.