7 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Dating an Extrovert

If you're an introvert dating an extrovert, you're probably learning a lot about how unalike the two of you are.

Instead of getting frustrated with these differences, it's important to understand and accept them to pave the path forward in your relationship. If you're still learning what extroverts are all about, here are seven things you should take to heart.

They Need Regular Social Interaction to Thrive

The most important thing to understand about extroverts is that they are energized by their interactions with others. This can be baffling to introverts who need quiet time to recharge their batteries. Too much silent alone time can actually be detrimental to extroverts. They seek out company whenever they can and want to spend most of their waking moments in the company of others. Just sitting around and doing nothing can make them feel restless and anxious.


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Their Alone Time Is for Emotional Healing

Extroverts just don't cherish alone time the same way that introverts do. While they may occasionally take enjoy a few isolated minutes before returning to the fray at a social gathering, that's all they need. When an extrovert does want time to themselves, it's usually serious. Chances are, they're dealing with some strong emotions and they're trying to process them without it affecting other people. In these cases, it's important to give them space.


They Like to Spend a Lot of Time With Friends

While you might be perfectly content interacting primarily with your S.O. in your free time, an extrovert feels the need to hang out with all kinds of people to live life to its fullest. Even if you're extremely important to them, they won't cut off their friends entirely for your sake. Remember that this is a good thing. It gives you time to recuperate your drive, while your partner also feeds off the energy of their buddies. It can be easy to get jealous of their friends, but resist that temptation. This happens to be exactly what both of you need.


They'll Talk About Anything

As you get to know an extrovert, you may be shocked to hear how early and easily they'll reveal things to you. What might seem like their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings are on the table immediately. As an introvert, you couldn't imagine telling those types of things to your S.O. However, it's important that you occasionally reciprocate and share some things about yourself as well, or they'll start seeing the relationship as one-sided. But listening is just as important, and extroverts love few things more than really being heard.


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They'll Contact You Constantly

When you're dating an extrovert, prepare to be called, texted and messaged constantly. This might be tough for introverts who don't respond to their phone at all when they're feeling overwhelmed. These vastly different communication styles can lead to problems, so it's important to address them early on and set some ground rules about how you interact. While you don't want to be exhausted by a constant barrage of messages, it's also important that they don't feel neglected.


They Need You to Tell Them How You're Feeling

While introverts are quiet listeners who often have an intuitive sense of how others are feeling, extroverts are talkers who mostly understand others through speech. When things get tough, introverts have an especially hard time expressing their emotions. This is dangerous because those moments are exactly when the extrovert in their lives needs to know what they're thinking and feeling most. Hoping your extroverted significant other will read your mind will only lead to the both of you becoming extremely frustrated, and neither of you will get what you want.


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They Want You to Be Social With Them

Extroverts like parties and hanging out with lots of people, and chances are that if they like you, they'll want you to tag along—at least occasionally. This can be really difficult for you if you're totally introverted, but if it means a lot to them, it's important to find a happy medium. Work to keep things equal with them, going out sometimes and quietly staying in other times. Also keep in mind that few things tire out extroverts more than making the extra effort to bring an introvert out of their shell.


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