What You Should Know About Secret Society of Second-Born Royals Actor Faly Rakotohavana

Since Secret Society of Second-Born Royals premiered on Disney+ on Friday, Sep. 25, we haven't stopped thinking about it.

The movie is the perfect meeting place of sci-fi, fantasy and superheroics, and did we mention it also has an undeniably great cast? In the film, Faly Rakotohavana plays Matteo, a shy overthinker with some uncanny superpowers.

We got the chance to catch up with him before the film's release to find out all about the young man behind the character, and here's everything he shared with us.

Faly Rakotohavana Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Disney Channel/Matthias Clamer)

Name: Faly Rakotohavana

Hometown: Antananarivo, Madagascar (Though he currently lives in Los Angeles)

Birthday: April 26

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. If Faly could live in any fictional world, it would have to be the Star Wars universe.

"I would want to live in a galaxy far far away. Living in the Star Wars galaxy sounds like a never-ending adventure—an adventure that I want to be a part of."

-Faly Rakotohavana

2. His favorite-ever fan encounter happened at Universal Studios, when he got recognized as Miles from Raven's Home.

"I had just gotten off the Minions ride, and then all of a sudden a whole bunch of kids came up to me and asked to get pictures with me. It was such a crazy experience because no one's ever asked to take pictures with me, so I think I ended up being more nervous than they were."

-Faly Rakotohavana

3. He says that nothing makes him smile like seeing his friends every weekend after a long week of school.

4. The best concert he ever went to was seeing Rex Orange County with friends.

"It is one of the only concerts I've ever been to, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I enjoyed screaming all of the lyrics to all of the songs with my friends. We woke up the next morning with no voices!"

-Faly Rakotohavana

5. Faly is mostly a PC gamer.

"I just re-downloaded Black Ops 2 for the nostalgia. I've been enjoying that game, but my all-time favorite game on PC is Mortal Kombat 11."

-Faly Rakotohavana

6. Though he doesn't know a lot about astrology, he thinks his Taurus zodiac sign is relatively accurate.

"I think Tauruses are supposed to be pretty stubborn, and if that's true, then that's a pretty solid description."

-Faly Rakotohavana

7. The Lion King is his favorite Disney movie.

"That film had the best soundtrack ever created. "Hakuna Matata" is my life motto, and there were a lot of moments in the film that have stuck with me. I've had trust issues ever since I saw the scene between Mufasa and Scar."

-Faly Rakotohavana

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower film had a massive impact on his life.

"Ever since I saw that film, I've always thought twice about how my actions and words can affect the people around me. You never know what is going on in someone's life, so always be kind and be the light that people need in their lives."

-Faly Rakotohavana

9. He wishes he could have lived through the '90s.

"The decade full of fashion and music. A decade full of color and life. I would live my whole life in the '90s if I could."

-Faly Rakotohavana

10. Above all, Faly is open to trying to new things.

"I love to travel and go on adventures. I want to grow old without having to regret all the things I never did. I'm going to be living my best life."

-Faly Rakotohavana


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