5 Fashion Trends to Leave Behind in 2022

We've just rung in another new year, and with that means ringing in a whole new set of trends.

While that doesn't necessarily mean we have to leave all of our favorites behind, there's a number that we won't mind wishing goodbye to. Some of these include:

1. Neon Anything

Even Billie Eilish said goodbye to her green-tinged hair in 2021, and that should be a sign that it's time to leave the neons behind when we welcome in 2022. They were great for a while, bringing a bit of brightness to a year that was otherwise sometimes a bit bleak, but there are many far more flattering tones to choose for the new year that don't prove to be quite so offensive to the eyes.

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2. Camp Jewelry

The beaded BFF bracelets and candy-style necklaces of the '90s seemed to take over in 2021, bringing about a wave of nostalgia that presented itself in our fashion. However, the fun of this look is starting to get tired, and the childish effect of this style is one we can live without in 2022. Instead, try including color or fun details in other ways with your accessories to keep the fun going without being downright gaudy.


3. Baggy on Baggy

Comfort has been key over the last two years, but in 2022 it's all about balance. There's nothing wrong with a few baggy details, whether that be mom jeans or a chunky sweater, but the oversized-on-oversized look is a bit much. A good compromise is paring something a bit on the baggy side with something smaller or more tailored, like the "tiny top" plus mom jean look or skinny jean with a French-tucked tee.

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4. Y2K Fashion

Another nostalgic trend of 2021 was the rise of "Y2K" fashion, which brought back looks inspired by the late '90s and early 2000s. Sure, some of it was cute for a while and might not be bad to bring into 2022—like the vest tops, '90s jeans and chunky boots—but the candy-tone colors, pigtails, awkward grungy fits and plastic rings can stay behind in 2021 (or the '90's) where they belong.


5. Low-Rise Denim

Low-rise jeans were all the rage back in the 2000s, and for some reason, they rose back into popularity in 2021. However, the downsides of this style are aplenty, from the risk of exposing your undies when you bend over to the simply uncomfortable nature of the fit. High-rise denim, skirts and other bottoms, on the other hand, have remained in popularity year after year for a reason: they're flattering, comfortable and go with just about anything, making them the perfect swap for your old low rise favorites.

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Of course, your style is completely your own and you should feel free to continue wearing these as much as you like (confidence makes anything look incredible!), but all in all, we'll be happy to see some new trends pop up in 2022.

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