Tips to Help You Fashionably Increase Your Instagram Followers

We've done the leg work for you and studied hundreds of your favorite Instagram "it" girls to round up the best style lessons.

Adopt these tips and tricks to watch your follower count increase in no time!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

You can wear the same simple white tank that a fashion girl is rocking but somehow, they always make it pop. Stop scratching your head! The difference between a plain Jane outfit and a cool girl get up is simple: accessories. Pile them on like influencer Ashley Alanis in the pic below. Don't be afraid of a bold hair accessory, too. Her use of a thick headband puts her a grade above her peers.


Give Your Followers the Cold Shoulder

A denim jacket will always be just that: A plain cover up that has been around for decades. Now, the same jacket draped behind a shoulder: game changer! Master the look by wearing your favorite tops and letting them effortlessly land behind your shoulders. Now crouch closely to the camera and snap. You'll be counting those increased likes in no time.

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Master the Athleisure Game

Adopting the athleisure trend on a dime is easy. We've seen countless of our favorite girls pair a roomy vintage top with boots or heels. Nailing this look on a budget can even be accomplished by borrowing your S.O.'s clothes. Single? No problem! Ask your brother or dad for their favorite basketball jersey and promise you will bring it back unharmed. If that isn't an option, hit the men's section of your favorite Goodwill.

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When In Doubt, Go for Monochrome

Above all, your Instagram feed needs to be effortless in order to be fun. If you find yourself thinking about your next outfit or post too much, take a deep breath and realize that you shouldn't take anything too seriously. A good trick when being stumped by your next post is going monochrome. It's chic as can be and incredibly easy to pull off. Find a good wall or background and match yourself to your surroundings. Instant style is guaranteed!

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If planning an outfit every morning isn't your jam, we bet you'll identify with THESE fashion truths.