We're Saying Goodbye to Vine By Watching THESE 15 Clips on Repeat

Today, Vine is officially dead.

After four glorious years, the short-form video app as we know it will come to an end, and will relaunch as a camera app.

Instead of mourning over the loss of one of our most used apps, we're going to celebrate its vibrant life by taking a trip down memory lane with our personal favorite 15 six-second clips.

RIP Vine.

1. Remember when Jack and Jack were vandalizing nerds? We'll miss them.


2. Or when Matt King did the best Beyoncé impression we've possibly ever seen? 


3. Please tell us you didn't forget about this Jason Derulo-loving cat and his dance moves.


4. Remember when you saw this "Mum's Car" video for the first time and were totally confused but totally captivated?


5. We'll always have Vine to thank for this drumming puppy.


6. And also this kid who is really great at appreciating his lovely avocado present.


7. If it weren't for Vine, we would have never seen this little kid go for the ride of his life.


8. And we wouldn't be left wondering "Who is she?" for the rest of our existence.


9. Remember how Vine introduced us to this lovely flying potato…?


10. And how it brought us incredible talent like Zach King?


11. How can we let go of an app that presented to us this pop star dog?


12. Or this dancing pup?


13. It's thanks to this app that we witnessed this animal showcase his love of taters.


14. And watched this girl tell the world her desire to be a star.


15. Thanks, Vine. You opened our eyes up to some pretty darn funny moments.


Letting go of Vine might be hard for us, but can you imagine how difficult it must be for an actual Viner? Click HERE to find out the toughest part for Viner Jeffrey Miller.