Singer Jeffrey Miller Shares the Hardest Part About Letting Go of Vine

The news of Vine shutting down was a shock to us all.

With more than 3 million followers, singer Jeffrey Miller garnered quite the support on the app. Needless to say, word of Vine coming to an end hit close to home for the music star.

We talked with Jeffrey about why he choose Vine as his creative platform, what the app means to him and how he envisions his Vine-free life. Scroll below to see what the had to say!

Sweety High: What initially drew you to Vine? Why did you choose it to be the platform to express your creativity?

Jeffrey Miller: It was super enjoyable for me to choose a song I loved to cover. Also, the challenge of taking a full song and fitting it into only six seconds was something really intriguing to me.


SH: What does Vine mean to you?

JM: Vine is what I used to initially share my passion for music, and I'm so happy I did. The app has really helped me find myself as a musician and, even in some cases, a person. I can't thank Vine enough for all the doors it opened for me. My life truly wouldn't be the same without it.

SH: Who are some of the most important people you've met through the app? Will you still keep in touch with them or work with them in the future?

JM: Thanks to the app, I've met some of my best friends, who I will most definitely stay in touch with. I talk to most on a day-to-day basis and care and appreciate them so much. I've also been able to meet and sing with so many talented people, including Meghan Trainor and Fifth Harmony.


SH: What were the initial emotions you felt when you heard the news about Vine?

JM: I was in school and my phone was blowing up with texts from friends and singers who are on the app telling me it was being shut down. Seeing those texts on my phone, I almost didn't believe it was true. It's extremely sad to see something that has had such a positive impact on my life go.

SH: What will be the hardest part about letting go of Vine?

JM: I'm really going to miss all the supportive and loving followers on the app that continued to come back to my page. They pushed me to get where I am today. I appreciate all they've done for me. I hope they'll continue to support me and my music once the app is gone.


SH: What are your plans for life after Vine?

JM: I'm going to continue to pursue my music career. I'm constantly creating and working on my craft. I'm a big dreamer and have a lot of goals set ahead of me that I truly believe I can achieve if I keep working hard.


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