First Date Ideas Based on Your Crush's Personality

It happened—your crush made a move and asked you out. That first date you've been dreaming about for months is finally turning into a reality.

But figuring out what in the world you should do on this date is by far one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make.

Thankfully we are here to offer several unique first date ideas based on your crush's personality type. Keep scrolling to see them all!

The Athlete

Their interests: Sports, sports, sports, and if we didn't already emphasize it enough: sports! Name any sport, they probably have a team they follow and a player they hope to be like one day.

First date idea: They'll be so down for anything that requires some sort of physical activity. While playing a game of pick-up basketball would be fun, you don't want to be sweating it up around them. Instead, go out for a competitive round of mini golf. Make it interesting by putting a little wager on the game. Loser has to buy the winner ice cream!

A couple playing mini golf together

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The Romantic

Their interests: These types love going out and getting to know new people. They're not afraid to express their feelings and they crave close personal connections. They're the epitome of bf/gf material.

First date idea: A classic picnic in the park is the perfect game plan for the two of you. It's intimate and personal, so you'll easily be able to get to know each other better. Be sure to pack enough food, but you don't want anything too extravagant. Keep it simple with some sandwiches, fruit, pretzels, hummus and a few bottles of water.

Guy and girl on a picnic together

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The Artist

Their interests: They're into drawing, painting, pottery, music, writing or anything else that lets them express themselves and their emotions.

First date idea: Taking a pottery or a painting class together seems like a great date, but that can be incredibly messy. You don't want to get dressed up just to have your favorite outfit destroyed by a paint stain, do you? We recommend going to a record store together or even an art museum. This will let you discover exactly which artists interest them and vice versa. If a record store visit is more your forte, know that the type of music people listen to reveals way more about them than you may have realized.

Couple at a record store

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The Humanitarian

Their interests: Making the world a better place one day at a time by volunteering in their community.

First date idea: This one is more obvious, but clearly volunteering is the what the two of you should spend your first date doing. If your crush likes animals, spend some time with rescue cats and dogs at an animal shelter. If they're an environmentalist, plant a tree together. Neither of you will ever forget a date like that!

Couple of volunteers

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The Adventurer

Their interests: They're all about exploring and doing anything that feeds their curiosity about the world. Being outdoors is what they live for doing.

First date idea: A nice, long hike will do the trick! Your crush will see you can keep up with their active lifestyle with no problem. Spend the day trekking through the wilderness together to find the perfect spot to stargaze when the sun goes down. Game, set, match!

A couple hiking

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The Nerd

Their interests: Video games, comic books and superheroes are just a few of the things they may be into.

First date idea: Even if you don't particularly like the same things they do, that doesn't mean you can't give them a shot for the sake of bonding with your crush. Have them teach you how to play one of their favorite video games. There's no way they'll turn you down.

Couple playing video games

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The Comedian

Their interests: Getting people around them to LOL, or doing anything that will make them laugh themselves.

Where you should go: Put their skills to the ultimate test by participating in a stand-up comedy show together. You'll be each others' support system, which will only lead the two of you to develop a strong connection right off the bat. If all else fails, going to a movie together is always another option.

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