7 Picnic-Perfect Recipes That Are Easy and Delicious

If you haven't spent enough time outside this season, we're about to give you an excuse to do so.

Picnic weather is hard to come by outside of summer, so it's time you fully embrace the heat and head out for a day in the park. Plan a hang out with your faves: your crew and some really delicious food.

Chowing down on these picnic-ready recipes is the perfect way to spice up classic seasonal foods. A few of them require a little prep time, but we promise they're worth the wait.

1. Chile-Lime Corn Wheels

Anything made in wheel form is an automatic win in our book, but this corn with a kick is just the type of picnic snack you want while out lounging in the park. For a little extra flavor, you can even ask mom or dad to throw them on the grill for a bit before packing them up. View the recipe HERE.

corn wheels recipe

(via Country Living)


2. Zesty Mint & Lime Watermelon

Because it's the season of spice and adventure, it's time you amped up your classic summer watermelon, too. This easy recipe adds lime juice, mint and salt for a much improved sweet and savory version of our favorite treat. Read the how-to HERE.

zesty mint watermelon

(via Country Living)


3. No-Bake S'mores Bars

It's public knowledge that we're obsessed with s'mores, so that means we had to include these no-bake bars in our picnic basket. S'mores are perfect in every form, but bars are best for a day out in the park because they've been chilled for a while and store easily. View the recipe HERE.

no bake s'mores bars

(via Six Sisters' Stuff)


4. Mixed Berry & Mint Lemonade

Refreshing drinks are a must for any picnic. This mixed berry and mint lemonade takes no time to whip up right before heading out or there's the option to let it sit over night for extra flavor. Peep the recipe HERE.

mixed berry and mint lemonade

(via The Speckled Palate)


5. Macaroni Salad

It's not a proper picnic without macaroni salad. This recipe is basic, but allows for extra add-ins. Meat, veggies or any other toppings are a few things you can include to make it even better. Go crazy! Read the full recipe HERE.

macaroni salad

(via Center Cut Cook)


6. Guacamole Dogs

Because we're always getting in touch with our adventurous side, it's time you tested out these guacamole hot dogs. We know it sounds bizarre, but there's something about the combination of guac, meat and peppers that makes these completely delicious. Grill a few up before you leave and take the ingredients with you for a fresh and unique meal out in the park. You can get the full instructions HERE.

guacamole hot dog

(via California Avocado)


7. Chips & Salsa

It's everyone's favorite snack to fill up on before a meal, but it's just right for a picnic. Munch on this simple dip recipe to go with a few guacamole dogs and you're all set for summer picnic bliss. The recipe even gives you a guide to making your own tortilla chips if that floats your boat. View it HERE.

chips and salsa

(via Food Network)


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