9 Must-Have Watermelon Accessories

Sweet treats are an absolute must this summer, but who says you only have to eat them?!

If you haven't noticed by now, we're already pretty watermelon obsessed–the fruit speaks to us on a spiritual level. So, of course, we had to find some chic items to take our obsession to the next level. Take a look below to see our best picks for all you watermelon enthusiasts out there.


1. Watermelon Scarf: $12.22

Save this adorable neck-warmer for those windy nights (or days) at the beach this season. If you're going to rock a scarf in the summertime, it might as well have watermelons on it, right?

Watermelon Scarf

(via Etsy)

2. Watermelon Phone Case: $35

This juicy-looking phone case is the perfect shade of clear. No one will even know if your phone is actually watermelon print or if it's just a case. We won't tell if you won't.

Watermelon phone case

(via Urban Outfitters)


3. Watermelon Flip-Flops: $15.95

Because you need watermelon in your life all day, every day, you're going to need these bad boys to wear out all summer. They're also an awesome upgrade from your average, every day flip-flops.

Watermelon flip flops

(via Cafe Press)


4. Watermelon Beach Towel: $41

Pair this up with those watermelon flip-flops for the ultimate beach or pool party look.

Watermelon circle towel

(via Asos)



5. Watermelon Clock: $33

For those who don't mess around when it comes to their tropical fruit, you're going to need this ridiculously cool wall clock in your life. Yes, watermelon is also art.

Watermelon clock

(via Etsy)


6. Watermelon Sunglasses: $14.50

Bright and fresh are the only two words that come to mind to describe these super cute sunnies. Get them while you can, they're almost sold out! If you don't snag a pair in time, you can always DIY it.

Watermelon Sunglasses

(via Torrid)


7. Watermelon Mug: $28

This mug is perfect in every way. It looks like a mini watermelon and we can't say no to that.

Watermelon mug

(via Etsy)


8. Watermelon Tote Bag: $19.50

Yep, it's a look. Because you can't have enough watermelon accessories, this tote bag is the way to go.

Watermelon Tote Bag

(via ASOS)



9. Watermelon Necklace: $16.95

An itty-bitty watermelon pendant necklace is just the thing you need if you're a watermelon addict, but want to take it down a notch (temporarily). Keep it close to your heart while out and about at dinner or a movie.

Watermelon necklace

(via New York & Company)


There's no such thing as too much watermelon, but we can't forget about the other juicy-sweet fruit of our dreams. If pineapples are also life for you, you're going to want to see THESE 10 essential items, too.