10 Perfect Items for the Pineapple Princess In You

Summertime is upon us and all we have to say is pineapples are life. Most of our days this season will be spent eating (and drinking) the refreshing tropical fruit of our dreams.

So naturally, we had to compile a list of the best appropriately themed items for all you pineapple princesses out there. See our fabulous list below.


1. This pineapple pool float: $59.99

Your pool float this summer says a lot about you, and in this case you are what you eat.

Pineapple pool float

(via Bed Bath & Beyond)


2. These adorable pineapple earrings: $12.99

Because you need to carry a little piece of summer with you all day, every day. These earrings are the perfect accessory to wear this season (or year-round, TBH).

Pineapple earrings

(via Mod Cloth)


3. This rad pineapple phone case: $9.87

This phone case looks just like a delicious tropical treat, and the heart-shaped sunnies give the item the perfect kick of cuteness.

Pineapple cell phone case

(via Wet Seal)


4. This pineapple solo tee: $38.00

Keep it casual and comfy (the name of the summer fashion game this season) in this perfect pineapple lounge tee.

Pineapple Tee

(via ILY Couture)


5. This pineapple print watch: $16.00

Yeah, we know most people use their phone to tell time, but why not shake things up and wear a cute pineapple watch to accompany your finest pineapple-adorned apparel?

Pineapple watch

(via Wicked Clothes)


6. These snug pineapple print socks: $5.80

These are just the right kind of awesome to take your outfit to the next level.

Pineapple socks

(via Forever 21)


7. These amazing pineapple sunglasses: $7.95

These ridiculously cool shades are exactly what you need to achieve pineapple perfection. Yes, it's a thing.

Pineapple sunglasses

(via H&M)


8. This pineapple charm necklace: $5.96

We live for a good necklace and this teeny-tiny pineapple charm necklace is no exception.

Pineapple charm necklace

(via Etsy)


9. This pineapple wristlet-wallet: $52.00

On those warm summer nights out, you're going to need a cool clutch to keep your outfit on point. What better way to do that than with a pineapple one?

Pineapple clutch

(via Etsy)


10. And last, but certainly not least, these pineapple flip-flops: $16.99

These are pretty much the most necessary vacation, pool and beach accessory we've ever seen, so you really should snag a pair!

Pineapple sandals

(via Cafe Press)


Just talking about pineapples is starting to chill us out. But if that's not enough for you, cool down with these super summer phone cases HERE.