What to Wear on Your First Date Based on Where You Go

First dates may be exciting, but they're also incredibly stressful—especially when it comes to figuring out what in the world you're going to wear.

Luckily for you, we're offering some help in that department by revealing the clothing that best suit the type of first date you'll be going on.

Whether you're going to the movies, dinner or a concert, we've got just the outfit for you! Keep scrolling to see all of our suggestions.

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When going on a date to the movies, you want to make sure you wear something you'll be comfortable sitting in for a few hours. But this doesn't mean you need to keep it totally casual. Go for something in-between. Pair a short black skirt with a classic white tank top and a cozy denim jacket, because it can sometimes get a little chilly in the theater. White Converse are a perfect choice for footwear. As far as accessories go, keep it simple with a charm necklace and a small shoulder bag to hold your phone, wallet and a pack of gum.

Outfit idea for a first date at the movies

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For dinner dates, you definitely need to dress it up a bit. No sneakers or ripped jeans allowed! We're not suggesting you sport a floor-length ball gown, but a cute light-colored dress will do just the trick. Layer an elegant cardigan over it for an added classy feel. For footwear, black flats will complete your ensemble seamlessly. A crystal necklace and a matching set of crystal rings are sure to make you stand out in the accessories department, but make sure you don't mix metals. Carry whatever you need in an adorable white clutch.

Dinner first date outfit idea

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Concert dates are all about comfort, but you also want to stand out from the crowd. Show off your unique personality by rocking a ringer tee with a witty saying and a leather jacket embellished with tons of pins and patches. High-waisted ripped black skinny jeans are the only bottoms you should wear to a concert, especially because you can keep everything you need in your pockets so you won't have to lug around a purse throughout the whole event. Keep the footwear comfy and cazj by sporting black Vans. If you want to rock a little extra bling, add some stacked rings to your fingers.

Concert first date outfit idea

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Beach dates are one of the easiest outings to plan for when it comes to attire. The foundation of your outfit is obviously your fave swimsuit. No need to purchase a new one for this date, though. You should always wear the one-piece or two-piece that makes you feel most comfortable. Overlay your bathing suit with denim shorts and a white T-shirt. Don't forget to bring a jacket, in case it gets cold, and a beach tote to hold all of your belongings and beach day activities. Oh, and sandals are where it's at with your footwear.

Beach first date outfit idea

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If you're looking to feel a little artsy and mysterious while on your museum date, this ensemble is for you. All you need is a black floral-patterned dress paired with tons of black accessories—a brimmed hat, booties, choker and mini-backpack. You'll definitely get your crush's attention looking like a total art babe!

Museum first date outfit idea

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With bowling dates, you want to make sure whatever you wear gives you plenty of mobility. How are you supposed to beat your crush if you can't quite move your arms? Rock some ripped mom jeans and a loose flannel with any sort of tennis shoes. The shoes aren't too important, since you'll be trading them in for some ever-so-stylish bowling kicks. And don't forget to bring an embellished backpack to keep all of your belongings safe while you destroying your crush on the bowling lane.

Bowling first date outfit idea

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If you want to do a hiking date right, you have to go as early as possible. This way it won't be too unbearably hot when you're making your way back. Pair your favorite pair of joggers or workout pants with a flowy tank and a zip-up hoodie. Footwear should obviously be any sort of running or athletic shoes you own. You can't forget about a water bottle, because you will get thirsty (in more ways than one) while hiking with your crush.

Hiking first date outfit idea

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Mini Golf

Similar to bowling, mini golf requires some sort of mobility. It's not as serious as bowling, but you still want to be able to move freely. Pair a cozy sweater with some classic blue jeans and fold-over combat boots. For your bag, sport some sort of whimsical cross-body bag that gives some sort of insight to your personality. Your crush will be sure to notice, making it the perfect conversation starter. If you want, feel free to add some layered chokers to your neck to bring the whole look together.

Mini golf first date outfit idea

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