This Is What Your First Day of School Outfit Reveals About You

Your first day of school outfit has been picked out and you're ready to strut your stuff down the halls in your new clothes. But did you know the attire you plan on wearing is revealing the type of person you are?

Keep scrolling to find the style that best matches your look and discover what it showcases about your personality. You just might learn something new about yourself in the process.

Girl sitting on the pavement at school while the sun is setting behind her

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If you plan to wear an outfit that looks like you raided Blair Waldorf's closet, you're clearly the queen of your school. You take pride in being an excellent student with a flawless GPA. You're also involved in plenty of activities in and out of school, because you're dead set on getting into your dream college. Perfection is what you strive for, and thanks to your stellar work ethic, it's easy for you to achieve.

Preppy first day of school outfit

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Band tees and ripped jeans are your aesthetic. You could probably wear the same pair of black jeans for the rest of your life and die a happy person. Rocking the punk look means you're the go-to for all things music. You constantly have your earbuds popped in with your music blasting for everyone to hear. You thrive on sharing tunes form your favorite bands with your friends, even if it's not really what they're into hearing. Chances are, you'll be in your very own band one of these days and we can't wait to see you own the stage.

Punk style first day of school outfit

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You opt for comfort over everything and that's because you love staying active. There's never a time when you aren't talking about, watching or playing the sport of your choice. Everyone is continually impressed by your athleticism and drive to be the top athlete in your sport. Just because your style seems a bit more low-key than some of your peers, it doesn't mean you are. Now go get some gym time in before school starts!

Athletic first day of school outfit

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Pink, floral print and frills is what rules your closet. And why shouldn't it? Dressing like a real life Disney Princess not only brings you plenty of joy, but also brightens up the days of those surrounded by you. You are keen on the idea of having your clothes reflect how you feel about life, which is why you're also dressed in bright colors and fun styles. You're also the trendsetter of your squad. You know what everyone will be wearing months before they are even actually thinking of buying it.

Girly first day of school style outfit

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You're a go-with-the-flow type of gal. Nothing really brings you down, because stress isn't a word in your vocabulary. You radiate positivity, which is why you have tons of friends. People adore being around you, because they know they'll always have a good time. You're also a bit of a goofball and have jokes for days. There's not a single person that you can't make laugh, so kudos to you.

Bohemian style first day of school outfit

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