7 Simple Ways to Have an Easier First Day of School

With summer winding down and first day of school jitters setting in, it's easy to overlook small things you can do to start the year off right.

We all tend to drag our feet sometimes, but try to avoid the hot mess express especially on your first day back. Boost your organization skills and positive habits early with these seven tips and tricks for a solid beginning back to the books. You got this.

1. Buy School Supplies Early

It won't do you any good to wait until the last minute to go school supply shopping. Most stores get picked over pretty fast and you don't want to be left scrambling for basic supplies like notebooks, pens and pencils. Get it out of the way early and you won't even have to worry on the first day.

Take your summer vacation back to school. #GearUpForSchool

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2. Recalibrate Your Sleep Schedule

Carefully plan your sleep schedule a few weeks before school starts because we all know summer equals bad habits. You'll regret going to bed at two in the morning the night before your first day of school, so start getting back into a solid routine early.


3. Wake Up Two Hours Before You Need to Leave

This is a good rule of thumb because it allows you extra time you may need to do your hair or makeup and pick out a killer outfit. We know you're used to waking up as late as you possibly can (yup, we're guilty of it, too) but an early rise will also help you feel less stressed and give you time to actually sit down and eat a decent breakfast, too.

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4. Acquire a Map

If you're new to the campus, then this is an important one. Getting a map will give you a much better idea of where everything is located. Once you get that down, navigating school will be a breeze.


5. Organize Your Desk

Because we know how chaotic your workspace can get throughout the year, it will make your life much easier to toss any unneeded junk. Get rid of old homework or essays lying around from last year and start the school term with a fresh, clean work area.


6. Charge Your Phone and Set Your Alarm

This seems like a no-brainer, but we can't tell you how many times we've been so busy stressing over other things that we've forgotten to fully charge up our phones and set an alarm. This is super important. You don't want to be late on your first day.


7. Make a Bulletin Board

Keeping a bulletin board above your desk is a great way to remind yourself of any upcoming tests or projects. Obviously we love to DIY, so this fabric-covered bulletin board is the best way to go. Customize and personalize it any way your heart desires. It's the perfect inexpensive and easy way to keep things organized for school. Watch the how-to below.


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