How Not to Freak Out When You Receive Your First Detention

Hello fellow goody-two-shoes, nice to meet you. If you're reading this, it means that you just received your first ever detention and, well, you're probably freaking out.

Take a deep breath and just calm down, because below are ways to help curb the impulse to completely lose it:

1. Remember This Doesn't Affect Your Student-Teacher Relationship

The main reason why I majorly freaked out when I received my first detention slip was because I'm a huge people-pleaser. It makes my heart race knowing that someone is annoyed or angry with me and I can't stand (literally and physically) the thought that I may have done something to ruin a relationship. If you're always on your teacher's good side because you want more than anything for them to like you, remember that one little mess up is not going to break that bond. Your teachers know that you're a great student and that whatever behavior caused them to give you a detention is unusual. If they could have it their way they would probably ignore the instance, but because an entire class-worth of eyes are on them, they are forced to dole out the same punishment for you as another student would receive. It's okay, they still like you, just remember that.

Girl Meets World still Corey mad at Riley

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


2. There Is No Permanent Record

If you're thinking "omg this is going on my permanent record," just stop there. While, yes, every student has a "record" or file, it really doesn't mean much for you to have an offense or two scribbled in yours. Forget about this silly little record because no college will ever see it. Feeling better already?


3. Consider It a Must Experience

Looking on the bright side, everyone needs to experience detention at least once in their lives. Sure, you don't want to make a habit out of it, but how could you truly understand all those teen movies and TV shows that feature a character in detention without going through it yourself? Before graduating high school, everyone should check off certain benchmarks such as attending prom, hanging at football games and spending an afternoon in the dreaded detention.


(The Breakfast Club via Universal Pictures)


4. Make a Night of It

Speaking of detention-centric movies and TV episodes, why not make a themed night of the whole event and watch some flicks that feature this occasion? After you've done your time, go home and watch a double-feature of The Breakfast Club and Power Rangers. By theming the night, you'll take the pressure off your own detention and ease into relaxation mode.


5. Plan Your Productivity

Because detention is more or less a mini-jail sentence, don't expect fun and games to be provided. Instead of freaking out over this slip, make a productive to-do list so that you're exemplifying your best student-self while carrying out this way harsh sentence.


(Power Rangers via Lionsgate)


6. Make Amends With Your Teacher

I don't know about you, but when something is weighing heavy on my conscience it feels really good to get that burden off my chest. Approach your teacher and let them know that you're sorry for whatever detention-worthy rule you broke. No need to provide excuses, your teachers get enough of those regarding missing homework on the daily, just a short and sweet apology and you'll probably feel a lot better.


7. Take Your Thoughts to Paper

I will admit that once in 5th grade after being caught for not doing my homework and attempting to fill in the answers last minute, I cried huge, drooling tears because I hated being in trouble. This was a very unpopular reaction. Since then, anytime I'm overcome with anger, sadness, betrayal or any slew of strong emotions, I take those thought directly to paper. Instead of crying or hyperventilating over this detention slip, open up a notebook and write out all your thoughts and feelings. Was this detention unjust? Why? Whether or not you agree with the sentencing, you're bound to feel better once all of those ricocheting thoughts are solidified on paper. 


8. Confront Your Parents With Confidence

The other worst part about being in trouble is getting in double trouble when your parents find out. Rather than attempting to hide this detention, approach them confidently and give the rundown. Yes, you got a detention. No, you won't do "it" (whatever "it" is in your case) again. No biggie. If you treat this detention like it isn't a big deal then it won't be.


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