What I Wish I Knew Before I Got My First Piercing

Getting my first piercing has bittersweet memories.

The rush from making the decision was soon overpowered by the nervousness surrounding the experience. To make matters worse, aftercare is a piercing's annoying cousin nobody tells you about before you take the plunge!

For this reason, I've compiled the essential list below of tips you need to know before you get your first piercing.


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Do Your Research

If you're only going to follow one tip before getting your first piercing, let it be this: Do your research! I sure wish I did. I went along with my friend's suggestion and found myself some sketchy parlor that ended up giving me a nasty infection, ultimately leading me to remove the piercing I so looked forward to having. Check Yelp reviews and ratings, talk to past clients, find out as much as you can before you take the plunge.


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Don't Even Think About It If You're Sick

If you feel a minor cold coming on or you just don't feel right, postpone your appointment. My first piercing was done when I was recovering from a cold, and boy do I regret that! Apparently, experts believe your lowered immune system may hinder the healing process. You have to remember a piercing is ultimately an open wound and you need to take it that seriously. It's not the end of the world, just an extra week of added excitement to lead up to your new accessory!


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Being tense and nervous will only make the actual pain of the piercing worse. Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and trust your artist. I was so tense during my first experience that my friends who were with me recall my face becoming as white as a ghost's. I stood up after the piercing was done and almost passed out. Don't repeat that mistake! Take easy breaths, in and out, and your experience will go way better.



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Be Prepared With Proper Permissions and IDs

Some states require your parents give a go-ahead for piercings if you're under a certain age. Call ahead and make sure you arrive at your appointment with all of your proper identification and or permissions letter. The last thing you want is to go through the full mental anguish of preparing for a piercing, only to have your appointment not come through.


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Follow Aftercare Instructions to a T

This last point isn't negotiable. If you decided to be brave and get that piercing, make sure you protect it from infection. Wash as instructed, don't forget your ointment and avoid dirty pools and any dirty bodies of water for that matter.


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