First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Get for Your S.O.

What are you supposed to get for the person you've been dating for a year?

When it comes to anniversaries, finding the perfect gift can be pretty tricky. But lucky for you, you've come to the pros. If you have your first year anniversary coming up, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to get for them. Look below for some gift ideas to get for your significant other on your first anniversary.

A Scrapbook of Pictures and Mementos

Getting to your one-year anniversary is a big feat and you should celebrate it. What better way to do that than with something you can keep forever, like a scrapbook! Print out all the cutest pictures of you and your S.O. and even include things like concert tickets, love letters and more. The cheesier, the better! We suggest keeping things organized. For example, have a holiday section or date night section to get started.


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Reservations at Their Favorite Restaurant

The night of your first anniversary is the time to ball out. Make sure you start saving ahead of time so that you can treat them to a meal at their favorite restaurant. Make sure it's a surprise and tell them to get all dressed up. You'll both look great for a photo opp! And most importantly? Absolutely do not skip out on dessert.


A Piece of Jewelry

Whether you're shopping for a guy or a girl, most people appreciate a thoughtful piece of jewelry. Whether it's a pair of earrings, a chain or a stunning bracelet, you truly can't go wrong. For guys, we love the idea of getting them a gold chain. It's classic and timeless! For girls, you can do something like a bracelet or a cute promise ring. The options are limitless.

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Concert Tickets to Their Fave Artist

If you've been dating your boyfriend or girlfriend for a year, it's safe to say you know all about their musical interests at this point. Look into concert tours and dates and see if any of their favorite artists are performing! If you can find a date within about two months of your actual anniversary, you're good to go. Present them with tickets and they will love you forever!


Rent a Duffy Boat

If you're the type of couple who'd rather enjoy an experience together, we think renting a Duffy boat would be so much fun. Whether you're on the coast or are by a body of water like a lake, you should be able to find Duffy rentals in big cities near you. Surprise your S.O. and take them out on the water for a time they'll never forget.

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