This Next-Level Dessert From Japan Tells a Story With Every Slice

We've seen some incredible desserts in our time, but nothing comes close to this Japanese jelly that with a different image embedded in every slice.

Fly Me to the Moon storytelling jelly dessert slices

(via Nagatoya)

It's called Fly Me to the Moon, and it features a little blue bird flapping its wings in the sky as the moon changes phases from a crescent moon to a full moon and the sky grows dark.

This unique look is achieved by varying the shape of each piece along the length of the jelly and by colors being more prevalent in some sections than others. On one side of the cake is a resting bird during the day next to a crescent moon. On the other, the bird's wings are spread wide as night has fallen against the backdrop of a full moon.

Fly Me to the Moon storytelling jelly dessert slices and box

(via Nagatoya)

The top and bottom layers of the dessert consist of a red bean paste jelly, and it's topped with cranberries, walnuts and raisins. The clear layer is made up of champagne-flavored gelatin and the bird and moon are made of lemon sweet bean paste jelly. It sounds as good as it looks.

Fly Me to the Moon storytelling jelly dessert with cup of tea

(via Nagatoya)

This stunning confection retails for about $32, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like the company will ship it to the U.S. It's also on back order because people just can't get enough of it. Still, we're crossing our fingers we'll get to try it ourselves someday.


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