Ask Sweety: Should I Follow My Crush on Instagram?

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Dear Sweety High,

I'm having a major problem. I've had a crush on this one boy for literally forever, but I'm pretty sure he has no idea who I am. We go to the same school and have even been in a couple of classes together, but we've never actually spoken in person. I think he's totally dreamy and have been searching for a way to break the ice between us for a while.

The other day, I was looking through my Discover page on Instagram with a few friends and came across his profile. I felt like it was the in I've been looking for, but a few of my friends said that it would be super creepy to follow him since we don't actually know each other. I get what they're saying, but I'm worried if I don't take this chance then I'm never going to get an opportunity to talk to him. What do you think? Should I go ahead and follow him or just accept that my crush might always be just a crush?

-Olivia R.

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Dear Olivia,

We totally feel your pain. There's nothing worse than crushing on someone and having no idea how to reach out to them. As far as following your crush on Instagram is concerned, we say go for it!

Because you found his account on the "Discover" page, we assume it's a public profile. Navigating private accounts is admittedly a little more complicated, since every follow has to be approved, but a public account is practically begging people to follow it.

Also, who's going to get upset at an extra Instagram follow? It could even be a great way to judge if you have chance with your crush. If he follows you back, you might have an in! If he doesn't, it might be time to move on. A follow also opens the door for more interactions—liking pictures, commenting, even DM-ing if you're feeling extra confident—that could really advance your relationship.

Finally, what do you have to lose? If you've never spoken in person, it's not like he can start acting strange around you during the school day. The worst thing that can happen by clicking that follow button is a slight case of wounded pride if he doesn't follow back. If you've really been crushin' on him for so long, we think the risk is definitely worth the potential reward.

Wishing you the best of luck in your Insta-adventures!

-Sweety High


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