This Instagram Account Is Home to Some of THE Wackiest Food Creations

If you're a foodie who can spend countless hours of the day drooling over food pics and videos on Insta, we have just the account for you.

Dena and Tamar Skydell, better know as The Hungry Twins, are two foodaholics responsible for the Insta account @hungrytwins—a feed dedicated to delivering tantalizing images of delectable treats.

We chatted with the twins about the creation of their food-centric Instagram and how it became such a booming success. Scroll below to see their answers and some of the whacky food creations they've featured.

Sweety High: When and how did you decide to make an Instagram account completely dedicated to food?

Dena Skydell: We started the account when we were in high school. We never expected for our page to grow so tremendously when we had originally started it. We were honestly just having fun with it. Our relationship pretty much consists of us asking each other where we should go to eat. We're those girls. We've always been foodies and we decided we wanted share our love of food with others. ????nv


SH: Do either of you have any culinary experience, or do you both just really love food?

Tamar Skydell: We are always cooking and baking! We love to experiment in the kitchen and always have homemade cookies on hand.


SH: How do you find the crazy food creations that appear on your feed?

DS: People often send photos of food to us, but as hardcore foodies, we also love sifting through Instagram and finding great photos on our own.


SH: How often do you post your own images to your Instagram account?

DS: We usually don't post our own photos, but definitely do throw some of our own into the mix when we take some good ones! However, we will soon be releasing our own @hungrytwins content. Stay tuned.


SH: How did you grow your following and what advice would you give to someone who wants to start a specialized Instagram account?

TS: Post what you are passionate about, reach out to Instagrammers who have similar interests and make friendships and post photos with good quality.


SH: What's your favorite food pic you've posted to date? Why?

DS: We love a video that we posted a while ago with macaroni and cheese being swirled around dramatically in a pot. Why? Because it's mac 'n' cheese being swirled around dramatically in a pot!


SH: What is it that you love so much about finding these whacky food creations?

TS: We are both major foodies, but, as two girls part of the millennial generation, we definitely know what it's like to choke down bland kale smoothies. C'mon, we've all been there. It's not pleasant. We want to show that even if you're currently chewing on goji berries and banana chips, you can still appreciate the finer things in life. Just because your reality consists of chia seeds, tofu and tempeh, that doesn't mean you have to totally cut yourself off from true beauty—even if you're living it vicariously through the titillating photos and videos on Instagram. You can watch a video of Nutella being slowly drizzled onto a mound of buttery pancakes and appreciate it. You don't have to eat it, but you can eye it!


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