You Have to See This Rainbow-fied Lisa Frank Inspired-Food

In the '80s and '90s, toting around Lisa Frank accessories made you the coolest kid on the block.

If you didn't have a vibrantly colored lunch box or school notebook with a cute panda or dolphin plastered on the front of it, you were missing out.

Last week, DIY online media company, Brit + Co, posted this pic of donuts inspired by the brand.

And now, we're having a blast from the past of our own by rounding up eight other tasty treats inspired by the beloved colorful line.

Scroll below to check out the rainbow-fied foods!

1. Cake Batter Milkshakes

Donuts, marshmallows, cotton candy, cookies and sprinkles all on top of a delish cake batter shake? This can't be real life. 


2. Lisa Frank Cookies

Nothing screams Lisa Frank quite like zebra and leopard print. How cute are these?


3. Birthday Cookies

This birthday cake-shaped cookie is exactly what we're wishing for on our special day this year. ????


4. Lisa Frank Pop-Tarts

These Pop-Tarts could have been created by Lisa Frank herself, tbh. So. Much. Color.


5. Fairy Bread

This sprinkle-coated ice cream sandwich is technically called fairy bread, but for the sake of Lisa Frank lovers, we're renaming it LF bread. All in favor, raise your hand. ????????


6. Lisa Frank Cake and Cake Toppers

This cake is every true unicorn fan's dream. The cake-toppers are just a bonus.


7. Funfetti Cream Puffs

There's no animal print present, but take a look at those vibrant colors and you're thrown right back into the '90s. 


8. Lisa Frank-i-fied Zebra Cakes

A '90s snack with a '90s theme, what more could you ask for?


These aren't the only rainbow foods we're obsessing over! Have you seen THESE unicorn-inspired treats that are almost too pretty to eat?