Everything to Know About Those Grossly Gratifying Foot Peels

If you haven't yet done a foot peel, you've certainly at least seen their grotesque aftermath plastered all over your Instagram feed.

These easy-to-use foot masks promise to leave your feet essentially resembling the smoothness of a baby's, but before you purchase a pair of these $25 plastic booties, there are some things you should keep in mind.

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Keep reading for everything to know about those grossly gratifying foot peels (and be warned, graphic images ahead!).

1. Baby Foot Is the Original, But Others Work, Too

We've tried actual Baby Foot peels before, but the last time we did one of these, we changed things up with Patchology's Poshpeel Pedi Cure Pedicure, which is $20. We got identical results, so as long as there's a reputable brand behind the peel, you should be fine.




2. Unlike Other Body Peels, This One Shouldn't Hurt

Everyone's skin is different, so we don't want to get ourselves in trouble by saying these peels won't hurt—but, they really shouldn't. Provided you don't leave them on too long or do anything else that could tamper with the proper process, these are painless peels, much unlike some of the face peels and other deep exfoliation treatments you may see listed at the spa or doctor's office.


3. This Isn't Meant to Be a Long-Term Fix for Your Feet

Much like dermaplaning temporarily rids your face of peach fuzz and dead skin, foot peels temporarily remove a layer of dead skin from your feet. These peels are best applied about 10 days before you need to put your best foot forward (see what we did there?), because after only a couple weeks—depending on your activity level and what shoes you wear—your little trotters will be back to square one. Luckily, there doesn't appear to be a limit on how frequently you can apply these peels, so the more you feel it necessary, go for it. Just don't expect a permanent miracle.


4. The Peeling Part Is Gross for Everyone… Except You

Peeling skin everywhere? Ew. Anywhere from 3-5 days after you apply your solution, your skin will start peeling, slowly at first and then, seemingly out of nowhere, peeling in giant patches. If you work out, be sure to wear socks to normally barefooted exercises, and when you do anything else, make sure your shoes are closed-toed. While any visible peeling will seem disgusting to those around you, it's totally natural to find the process entertaining for you. If you find yourself peeling at the patches of raised skin, trust us, you're not the only one who's done that. Just don't put those nasty feet near anyone else.


5. Giving Your Feet a Solid Scrub Before Applying the Booties Will Get You the Best Results

These peels are best applied fresh from the bath or shower. This way, any extra dirt, bacteria or anything else will be removed, making it easier for the solution to seep into your skin. We also advise leaving the booties on for a little more than the advised hour, just to be sure everything soaks in.

6. If Instructions Are Followed Correctly, This Is What Your Results Should Resemble (warning: graphic images ahead):


(regular-looking feet before peel is applied)


(shortly after peel kicks in around day 3)


(results of peel midway through)


(peel on its final 3 days)


(peel complete, with pedicure added)


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