You spend time grooming your mane, perfecting your lashes and making sure your mani pops—but are you taking proper care of your feet?
These particular body parts tend to get overlooked, but they do a lot of work for us. They get us from point A to point B, allow us to run, play sports, jump and dance. Our feet work hard and in return, they deserve a little pampering. And not just for us—other people (*ahem crush*) do notice!
Below are six ways you should be taking care of your footsies because nothing’s cute about nasty looking feet.

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Get Routine Pedicures

Keeping your toes in tip-top shape starts with the basics. Commit to treating yourself to a monthly pedicure to shape your toenails and keep your calluses at bay. If your budget permits, gels are a nice splurge and they last a lot longer.



Just like you lather up your body post-shower with your favorite lotion, make sure you don’t neglect your feet when it comes to moisture. They make special foot lotions that are incredibly emollient and keep your feet looking soft and supple. Pro-tip: AHAVA’s foot creams will def do the trick!

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Ditch Uncomfortable Footwear

Nothing wreaks havoc on your feet quite like a bad pair of shoes. Blisters are the worst and are anything but cute. Avoid them by ditching your uncomfortable shoes altogether and always remember to wear socks if possible. Yes, we know it’s tempting to go for cute over practical, but trust us, comfort comes first!


Anti-Rub Spray

If you absolutely must wear painful shoes, or there’s a pair that’ll be comfy once you finally break ’em in, be sure to spray areas that rub with PreHeels—a revolutionary spray that keeps your shoes from causing awful blisters.

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Like your face, your feet need a good exfoliation every once in awhile, too. Exfoliate your feet using a pumice stone, rough cloth, or even something stronger like Baby Foot, which is basically a (painless) chemical peel for your feet. This helps prevent big calluses, which don’t look cute in sandals.


Wash Between Your Toes

Just like washing behind your ears, it’s important to wash between your toes, too! This keeps them fresh, clean and smelling nice.


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