Forgetful People Are Guilty of These 12 Weird Habits

It's not that we aren't paying close attention to what we're doing or to who's talking, it's just that we have so much going on in our minds that we often forget the little things… like where we put our sunglasses for the fourth time today.

For those forgetful few out there—you know who you are—it's likely that you've picked up some unusual habits to cope with your preoccupied nature. Browse the list below to laugh and cry over all the strange behaviors that forgetful people are guilty of exhibiting.

1. You often find your phone in bizarre places like the fridge. No spot is too unusual for your phone, keys, or sunglasses to find a hiding place.

iPhone behind held in front of an open refrigerator.

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2. You keep a few go-to excuses in your back pocket in case you've forgotten about plans you've made. Usually these excuses blame mom for not letting you go because no one can argue when she puts her foot down.

3. You've written so many scribbled reminders on your hands that, at this point, even if you could read what you wrote it wouldn't matter because you forget to check them anyway.

4. You set alarms on your phone for everything. Your alarm titles range from, "Bring your History textbook to school," to, "Text BFF back after class," to, "Take burrito out of the oven."

5. Many times a day you can be heard starting a sentence with, "No, no I didn't forget, I just…" before rambling off on a trail of make-believe circumstances.

Forgetful girl facepalming

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6. Inexplicably you have a great memory for other things and may be the only person in your friend group who has everyone's birthdays and phone numbers memorized.

7. You change your password almost every time you log into Amazon or Etsy because you've forgotten your login combo and are forced to reset it… again.

8. You often catch yourself telling someone a crazy story that happened over the weekend only to realize midway that they were with you when the event took place. Yeah, it's embarrassing.

9. You duck phone calls because they immediately induce panic that there's something you forgot to do, so you wait to listen to the voicemail or just text the person back. White lies sound much more convincing when they come in the form of a well-thought-out text message.

10. Sticky notes are the key to life. Without them, all hope is totally lost.

Sticky notes with reminders on bulletin board.

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11. You overcompensate when you remember something on your own to the point that it's a little obnoxious. Maybe your friend doesn't need a 6:30 a.m. "Happy Birthday" text message just because you remembered the special day as soon as you woke up.

12. Aside from overcompensating, you also feel like you deserve some sort of special recognition or reward for, say, returning a book to your friend, and are disappointed when a short, "Thanks," is all you get in return.


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