Obsessed With Fries? We Fri-nally Found You the Perfect Accessories

If you live for fries, you've come to the right place. ????

We've rounded up 14 of the cutest, quirkiest and most fabulous french fry accessories so you can display your pride for this fast food every day.

Fries Before Guys Sweatshirt: $38.60

Fries come before all—even cute guys. Rock this slouchy sweatshirt to let people know where your heart's really at. ????

Fries Before Guys Sweater

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Kawaii French Fry Earrings: $10

These petite little Kawaii earrings are just dainty enough to rock every day.

French fry earrings from Etsy

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French Fry Candle: $8.50

Want your room to smell just like your fave greasy food? Now it can, thanks to this french fry scented candle. Can you believe this thing is real?!

French fry candle

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Denim French Fry Dad Hat: $14.99

Be fashionable and supportive of your fave food all at once with this cute denim dad hat.

Denim french fry hat

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French Fry Phone Case: $12.99

This french fry phone case, although totally cute, will leave you craving fries all day long.

French fry phone case

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Fry-Day Planner Stickers: $3.10

Planning can now be fun thanks to these cute fry-day stickers!

Fry-day planner stickers

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French Fry Iron On: $1.89

Iron this bad boy on your favorite denim jacket and prepare for compliments galore.

French Fry Iron On Patch

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French Fry Hair Clip: $5.29

Hello, cutest hair accessory ever. Slip this clip into your locks and your bad hair day will instantly be turned around.

French fry hair clip

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French Fry Tote Bag: $24

If you really want to get some laughs from your friends, try toting (pun intended) around this bag.

French fry tote bag

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French Fry Enamel Pin: $12

No wiser words have ever been said: A world without fries is chaos. ????

French fries pin

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French Fry Print: $5

If french fries have always been your one true love, you need this piece of art. No questions asked.

French Fries print

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French Fry Socks: $13.99

Keep your toes warm and showcase your admiration for your fave food with these festive socks.

French Fry socks

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French Fry Nail Decals: $5.99

If you love McDonald's fries more than anything, there's no reason you shouldn't own a pair of these amazing nail decals.

McDonald Fry nail decals

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Fries Before Guys Laptop Sticker: $2.99

And finally, if your love for fries hasn't come across loud and clear with your Fries Before Guys sweater, pick up this sticker as well and plaster it on your laptop.

French Fries Sticker

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