Fuller House's Michael Campion Shares What's Coming Up in Season Two!

On Dec. 9, we will have some very happy hearts. ❤️

Why, you ask? Because our fave TV family is hitting Netflix in Fuller House season two!

In anticipation of the momentous occasion, we chatted with Fuller House's Michael Campion to get the deets on what's to come and to hold us over until the premiere date.

Scroll below to see what Michael reveals about himself, his character Jackson and season two as a whole!

Sweety High: Do you think you're anything like your character Jackson?

Michael Campion: Yeah, I am 100% Jackson. I'm not trying to say I'm so much better than Jackson, however, in my heart, I honestly do feel like I'm a little more mature than him. But, still, I do a lot of things that Jackson would do. He's kind of clumsy, I'm kind of clumsy. He's kind of awkward around girls, I'm kind of awkward around girls. We're super similar overall.


SH: When and how did you hear that you landed the role of Jackson?

MC: I'd been doing multiple video auditions in Orlando (where I'm from) for Fuller House, and then finally they wanted me to fly out to L.A. for them to see me in person. I was like, "Oh my gosh, I can't do this!" I was shaking when I heard the news.

When I got to L.A., we visited the Warner Bros. lot. I did a couple of scenes, and when I came out of my audition, they then told me they were going to get me and my mom our hotel information. That was obviously a lie. They were going to tell me that I got the job!

I had actually told them my mom works at Disney (in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique store at Walt Disney World), so as we're sitting there she goes,"Oh man, I forgot my wand today!" and they're like, "You don't need a wand, all the magic is already here. Welcome to the Fuller House/Warner Bros. family!" I just started crying right there.

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SH: What is your relationship like with your on-screen brother Max [played by Elias Harger]?

MC: It's kind of funny actually, we really do act like siblings. Sometimes he'll be annoying or I'll be annoying, and we have to tell each other to cut it out. It's a lot like a real brother-brother relationship.

I think Soni [Bringas] feels the same way, like she's her brother as well. And I would say I feel that same sibling relationship with Soni, too. She's a lot like my sister, and acts a lot like my real-life sister.

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SH: As a cast, do you have any fun on-set rituals before you film an episode?

MC: Yeah, we do! We have this little thing we do before the curtain opens when they're playing the music and getting the audience all riled up. We get in a circle, hold hands and start shouting random noises, getting all our nervous energy out of our systems before the show—that usually lasts ten seconds or so, and then we're ready to go!

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SH: What's your relationship like with your on-screen mom D.J. [played by Candace Cameron Bure]?

MC: She is honestly like a second mom to me—I don't really know how else to put it! She acts just like her character. I feel like I'm really a part of that family because Candace is just so in tune with me.

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SH: Did you watch Full House at all growing up? What was your favorite episode?

MC: Yeah, I had actually always watched Full House growing up on Nick at Night, that's why I was so excited when I got the job with Fuller House!

I don't think that I have a favorite episode, but I would say that I have a favorite season. I like season three the most because Candace is the same age that I am now. It's cool because some of the stuff that was going on with D.J. is going on with me now.

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SH: Did you have a fave character in the original series?

MC: I'd say Joey, hands down. Dave Coulier is just like his character on set and off set, too. He's always making hilarious jokes, voice impressions and just always super funny.

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SH: Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect in season two of Fuller House?

MC: You're going to see a lot of celebrity guest stars and holiday episodes. Also, the relationship between me and Ramona develops and we start to act more and more like brother and sister. You're going to love it!

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If you just can't wait for season two to roll out on Netflix Dec. 9, you're in luck because the trailer for the second season was just released! Check it out here now:


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